Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort is a typical architectural work in Quang Ninh province, is the first 5-star resort in Ha Long Bay and promises to be one of the ideal relaxing paradise for travelers in opportunity to discover and admire the magnificent beauty of the natural wonders of the world. Please take a step into Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort and enjoy magical moments right in any paradise!

With an area of approximately 47,000 m2 and four sides facing the sea, Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort will bring you a paradise of relaxation with a comfortable system of rooms, a luxurious restaurant and bar, and also provides professional health care services, interesting recreational activities. Are you ready for the plan to stray into “splendid palace” between Ha Long Bay yet?

Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort is designed in the neoclassical architectural innovation style, subtly perfected to each line and equally unique and exquisite, attracting visitors. admire admire. At the same time, this resort brings beauty in harmony with the poetic and spectacular nature between the vast sky, the vast blue sea and the undulating islands that cover far away. Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort not only gives you a luxurious, splendid and magnificent space, but also helps you close to the beauty of nature, giving you the freedom to immerse yourself in a private space and explore the The wonderful thing of modern and luxurious life.


Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort owns 384 international 5-star rooms with 6 types of rooms with different sizes and views, including Deluxe Garden View, Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Ocean View, Family Suite, Excutive Suite and Presidential Suite. Each room is decorated with sophisticated and classy furnishings, helping visitors to relax in private space and feel the closeness, friendliness and coziness as their own home. Moreover, all rooms have modern facilities and amenities for most visitors on the occasion of their stay at Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort.

Besides, you also enjoy delicious food in the restaurant of the resort. Guests can choose the Pavilion restaurant with a unique position floating on the sea near the pool area, or Bay View and Akoya restaurants on the 2nd floor.

In particular, the Pavilion Restaurant will serve you fresh seafood dishes and Vietnamese-flavored BBQ; and Akoya and Bay View restaurants will give you the opportunity to enjoy many delicious international dishes combined with traditional Vietnamese cuisine. You can also enjoy delicious tea, coffee and cakes at Pearl Lounge or sip fresh cocktails in the relaxing atmosphere of The Pool Bars.

You can also enjoy swimming in the natural beach surrounding the resort, admiring the magical nature or immerse yourself in the beautiful outdoor pool, sparkling like a mirror full of magic. . In addition, the health care services such as massage, spa or exercise with experienced professionals will also be great experiences you should not miss!

Wandering around to discover Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort, you will not be surprised and overwhelmed with the shimmering beauty of the resort here. Every detail, line and color all show up with exotic beauty, is a beautiful architectural masterpiece radiant. In the thin mist early morning, Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort is so beautiful, subtly elegant beauty to heart. Then when night came, it was shimmering again with colorful lights, striking in the bay in the dark night.

Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort will always bring you wonderful moments, soothe the tired days of work, dispel the atmosphere of stress and pressure in the workplace, dispel the noise of The city is crowded and crowded and only leaving you with a private space to relax, refresh your spirit, recharge your mind with new energy, full of energy, optimism and peace and calm.

Hopefully the above useful information will help you have a better overview of Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort. Please contact Focushalong immediately at Hotline 0915830668 for the most detailed advice !!