Introducing the Van Don tourist area

Van Don tourist area

Van Don is one of the tourist areas in the development planning of Quang Ninh province. Van Don covers Bai Tu Long Bay and is a place with many beautiful landscapes on the sea. Van Don tourist area, according to the expectation of the local government, will increasingly receive a larger number of tourists in the near future.

Take a look at the famous places of the Van Don tourist area

Van Don is located in the Southeast of Quang Ninh, owning a population of more than 600 different large and small islands. Van Don tourist area is located around Bai Tu Long Bay in the East and Northeast.

Van Don Beach – the wild beauty of Van Don tourist area

Bai Dai Van Don Quang Ninh is the sea in the southeast of Quang Ninh. Strongly impressed by the wild beauty, and blue sea color, on the beach is a pure white sand beach stretching along the coastline of 2km, in addition to the interesting rocky outcrops on the sea. Bai Dai viewed from above is shaped like a giant blue soft silk strip winding around Bai Tu Long Bay.

Van Don tourist area
Van Don tourist area

Bai Dai beach landscape is like a colorful natural picture, combining sky, sea, and mountains. At any corner on Bai Dai Van Don beach, visitors will also find a good virtual live background. In addition to swimming and participating in games on Bai Dai beach.

Ngoc Vung Beach – the precious jewel of Bai Tu Long Bay

Ngoc Vung beach (Van Don tourist area) belongs to Ngoc Vung island area, a pristine island that is still quite strange to tourists. Because of that, the landscape of Ngoc Vung island is less affected by humans, keeping its inherent wild and lyrical features. Ngoc Vung beach has blue watercolor and pure white sand. In particular, this place is also home to many kinds of rare pearls.

In addition to swimming and enjoying the view of Ngoc Vung beach, visitors can visit some attractive attractions on the island such as Ngoc Vung ancient citadel, Cong Yen wharf, the freshwater lake on the island, and interesting activities on the island. such as camping, cycling, exploring the life of fishermen…

Quan Lan Island – mysterious nature

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Quan Lan Island possesses a ravishing natural landscape with a population of many small islands surrounding it. Quan Lan Island is located on Bai Tu Long Bay, where there are jutting islands standing in the middle of the sea. Quan Lan Beach is Van Don beach in Quang Ninh with wild and poetic beauty with fresh and cool air. The pristine white sand and tropical forest trees close to the coast create a majestic and lyrical landscape. Quan Lan sea area has many beautiful beaches and a central market that sells seafood that visitors can visit.

Quan Lan Temple- one place of Van Don tourist area

Quan Lan Pagoda is also known as Linh Quang Tu, this ancient temple located on Quan Lan island is one of the most famous spiritual tourist destinations in Van Don Quang Ninh. Quan Lan Pagoda is impressed by its ancient beauty tinged with time, covered with its characteristic yellow paint, ancient and mysterious mossy color imprinted with the traces of time.

Minh Chau beach – clean and peaceful

Minh Chau Beach is known as the most peaceful and clear beach in Van Don Quang Ninh with its wild beauty, long stretch of fine white sand, and endless tropical trees on the coast.

Nature in Halong

Ba Mun Island- one place of Van Don tourist area

The unspoiled wild beauty will surely make visitors come to be satisfied. Ba Mun Island possesses majestic primeval forests along the coast, a long coastline with pure white sand, in addition to clear blue sea-like jade.

Cai Bau Pagoda – a unique architectural work

The ancient pagoda was built on the foundation of Phuc Linh Tu dating back to the Tran Dynasty (dating about 700 years). Cai Bau Pagoda is also known as Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery. The pagoda has beautiful terrain, surrounded by majestic mountains and clear blue coasts, creating a peaceful and poetic sightseeing space. Visitors to the temple will immediately feel the extremely sacred and peaceful spiritual atmosphere, combined with admiring the unique beauty of the country.

Itinerary to visit Van Don

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From Cai Rong Hon Gai port, visitors buy train tickets to go to Quan Lan island. Travel time takes about 2 hours. On Quan Lan island, visitors can freely explore the beautiful places of Van Don here including Minh Chau beach, Son Hao beach, Quan Lan big island. You can also visit Ba Mun National Park, Quan Lan market, and communal houses.

From Quan Lan island, tourists continue to rent a boat to go to Ngoc Vung island. Here, visitors will visit Ngoc Vung ancient citadel, Cong Yen wharf, freshwater lake, and national flagpole.

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