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Travel to Halong

With 1,600 limestone mountains and many unique floating villages, Ha Long Bay is a place that you must visit at least once in your life. If Sapa “makes me miss” with its pristine and majestic emerald green mountains, then Ha Long’s nature brings with it a mysterious and poetic charm. Please put in the schedule 10 “standard” activities compiled from your Travel to Halong experience.

Visitors can come and enjoy Ha Long in what month of the year?

The choice of time to travel to Ha Long is also very important, affecting your trip.

Foreign tourists often like to go to Ha Long in winter, from November to Tet. Domestic tourists often travel to Ha Long a lot in the summer, from May to July. This is also the time when students have summer vacation, so they will go with their families. Objectively, the best time to travel to Ha Long is in the fall, from August to October. In addition, from April to May, SeeHaLong Bay 4 hour in the morning is also very beautiful.

Self-sufficient travel experience in Ha Long Bay, for those of you in the Saigon area who want to go to Ha Long, you should pay attention to avoid going in winter and after Tet. Because the weather in the North is very foggy at this time, if you go to the bay with fog, you will not be able to visit the scene.

Travel to Halong
The ideal time for tourists to visit and travel in Ha Long

Autumn in Ha Long Bay is very beautiful, from September to November SeeHaLong bay 4 hour at noon is always sunny, the weather is not very cold, and you can still swim. There are also fewer storms at this time, and If you travel to Ha Long in June – July, there are often storms pouring into the North. When it rains, the landscape on the bay will be more gloomy, it may be forbidden to allow cruise ships to take guests to the bay and spend the night on the bay.

Travel to Halong – What are the most useful and reasonable items to bring to Ha Long?

Travel to Halong – What to bring when traveling to Ha Long? Prepare clothes, sunscreen, medicine, swimwear, and shoes….

In the summer, Ha Long has famous beaches, so women should bring sunscreen to protect their skin.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of cardboard for your convenience

Swimwear because if you rent it, you will have to pay a very high price and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the best moments.

Travel to Halong
Some useful items for your trip to Ha Long

Travel to Halong – What to wear to Ha Long is the most beautiful and comfortable for you

Travel to Halong – Choosing clothes when traveling to Ha Long in the cool season

Travel to Halong – You come to visit Ha Long on sunny days from January to March and from August to October are the months when Ha Long is extremely crowded. These days the weather is cool and fresh, the weather is not rainy, sunny and the sea is extremely calm. Therefore, these are the attractive months of Ha Long.

For this cool season, for women, just a pair of leggings or a pair of ripped jeans, adding a T-shirt will bring a dynamic and comfortable outfit.

For men, just shorts and a T-shirt or shirt with floral motifs. accompanied by sunglasses and a hat will be a perfect choice for cool days in SeeHaLong bay 6 hour.

In the remaining seasons, one is too rainy and the other is too cold and dry, so few visitors will visit, or in the cold season at the end of the year, only tourists will visit. If you go in the cold season, remember to bring warm clothes to protect your body.

Travel to Halong
The right clothes for your Ha Long trip

Travel to Halong – Maxi dress, evening dress for party

Travel to Halong – Do you like the feeling of sitting on the luxurious deck, gliding on the water, the wind blowing cool, the waves blowing white foam? Sitting on the deck of a luxury yacht basking in the sun, holding a glass of wine while admiring the natural scenery and enjoying delicious wine, there is nothing more wonderful than that. The Beach maxi dress is the right choice for you.

Travel to Halong
Maxi dress, evening dress for party

Not to mention that in luxury yachts, solemn parties will often be held, so how can dresses and evening dresses be missing from your luggage bag? Especially if you want your picture to be feminine or graceful, try wearing long dresses with split slits.

You should choose dresses with white color, beaded, or glittery, and add a little jewelry studded earrings to help adorn you at the party. Accompanied by a pair of high heels, limiting the models with the back that make you “smug”, just hugging the body is outstanding in the crowd.

Travel to Halong – Choose a swimsuit that shows off your sexy curves

Travel to Halong – Choosing clothes to travel to Ha Long, she cannot forget the beautiful swimsuits to show off her curves. She can wear it to sunbathe on the boat or relax in the cool, blue water of swimming on the yacht…

Depending on how long it takes to travel to Ha Long, she chooses the right swimsuit. If she is a follower of bikini models, she can bring a few more sets to check in many scenes and shooting angles. Additional suggestions are that she can wear a swimsuit with a lace beach jacket and a wide-brimmed hat. Thus, you will not be exposed and super sexy and seductive, making anyone who looks at you fall in love.

Travel to Halong
Travel to Halong

The information about travel to Ha Long experiences above can hopefully help you in your upcoming trip. For any information about vehicle support, you can contact us for specific advice.

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