The wild beauty of Thac Mo eco tourism area

Thac Mo eco tourism area

Thac Mo eco tourism area with cool clear water is an interesting place for tourists every summer. Under the bright energy of the Northern summer, the white water flowing down soothes all fatigue and brings joy and inspiration to blend in with nature. You will not want to miss such an interesting tourist destination during your trip to visit Ha Long Bay, right?

Introduction about Thac Mo eco tourism area

Mo Waterfall is a famous eco-tourism area located in Quang Yen commune, Quang Ninh province. Mo Waterfall originates from Mo stream with a length of more than 2000m, possessing endless blue water surrounded by majestic unspoiled natural scenery, so this place attracts many visitors. On hot days, Mo waterfall tourism is the number 1 choice to cool off.

Thac Mo eco tourism area
Thac Mo eco tourism area

Visiting the pine forest imprinted with Uncle Ho’s footprints

The pine forest in Thac Mo eco tourism area is the place Uncle Ho visited in 1963. Not only associated with a special historical event, it also possesses beautiful natural scenery and a prime location, convenient for tourists to move to other famous tourist destinations of Quang Ninh such as: Ha Long Bay, Yen Tu, and Uong Bi.

Bathing in natural springs and artificial swimming pools in Thac Mo eco-tourism area in Quang Ninh

An activity definitely not to be missed when coming to Thac Mo on hot summer days is bathing in a natural spring. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water of natural springs or relax in the large and refreshing 1,000m2 artificial swimming pool. The ticket price for swimming pool registration is 20,000 VND/per person.

Organize camping and picnics to forget the way home at Thac Mo

As a charming feng shui place, the weather is pleasant and cool like this, so camping or organizing a picnic will be a great idea. If you come to Thac Mo eco tourism area with your family or friends, try to organize an outdoor dining party and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere here! In addition, visitors can also rent a sitting hut for only about 50,000 VND.

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Activiities in Thac Mo eco tourism area

Experience fishing, sailing in Thac Mo eco tourism area

To participate in attractive recreational activities such as fishing, or taking a cruise in Thac Mo, visitors need to go to Yen Lap lake. Yen Lap Lake is surrounded by an immense mountain forest protection system and the water in the lake is clear all year round. Taking part in boating or fishing activities in Yen Lap lake is a very new and interesting experience that visitors should not miss.

Enjoy the unique art of Thac Mo indigenous people

On holidays, in Thac Mo, there are often musical performances performed by indigenous people. This is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the culture of the local people through traditional costumes, characteristic dances and age-old folk songs.

Journey to visit Thac Mo ecological area

The first place visitors set foot is downstream of Mo waterfall, where the tourist area begins in the middle of the forest. Perhaps after a tiring and hot journey, the green scenery and cool water tank will make visitors forget their fatigue. The most prominent is the 1,000m2 artificial swimming pool system, which takes water from natural springs. In addition to choosing the type of natural spring bath, visitors have the opportunity to experience more interesting types such as swimming pool, food service, camping, staying at the house on stilts.

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The interesting thing is not only that, visitors can also follow the path along the stream which is invested and embellished, making the journey through the forest to discover the waterfalls easier. It is interesting to explore each waterfall and have fun under the clear, cool spring water.

Journey along the trail for about 30 minutes, and visitors will arrive at Mo waterfall. The feeling of conquest, watching the majestic scenery and taking a cool bath under the clear water source, looking at the bottom will surely give visitors a feeling of relaxation, forgetting all fatigue. Seasonally, spring water at Mo waterfall seldom runs dry. Currently, spring water in Mo stream area is very abundant.

With poetic scenery, Mo waterfall appears in the middle of the green forest like a beautiful fresco. In addition to cooling off, and exploring the waterfall, at the end of the journey, you and your family members can participate in organizing meals, enjoying an outdoor party prepared by your own hands during a green, tree-lined space, is arranged in a house on stilts around the swimming pool area with an area of ​​over 30m2/floor.

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