Summary of travel experiences when you rent a motorbike in Ha Long

rent a motorbike in Ha Long

Bai Chay is one of the key tourist areas of Ha Long. It is an area with many tourist attractions and is the land adjacent to Ha Long Bay. So visitors to visit Ha Long Bay will definitely need to go through Bai Chay. So what are the notes when tourists come to this area as well as when guests need to rent a motorbike in Ha Long? Please follow the article below.

Traveling to Ha Long should go by any means?

Bai Chay, Quang Ninh is an area directly adjacent to the sea, fully equipped with modern infrastructure, with a large international airport Van Don, train station, and bus station system with a large number. Visitors whether at home or abroad to Quang Ninh are very easy by all means: plane, bus, train, and ship.

ha long motorbike rental

A domestic airport of Hai Phong, Cat Bi Airport, is also very close to Quang Ninh and Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi is also far away. So whether guests are near or far, traveling by plane to Quang Ninh is very easy. Guests from the Central region can go from Da Nang airport, the South has Tan Son Nhat and Ho Chi Minh airports. Compared to airplanes, traveling by bus is at least 3 times cheaper. But the travel time will be at least 4.5 times longer. If you live not too far from Quang Ninh, you should travel by bus. If you are far away, it is best to travel by plane. Tourists from Hanoi and neighboring provinces should learn about safe and convenient bus companies. Of course, you should consider renting a motorbike in Ha Long for convenient traveling here. 

Where should you travel in Bai Chay? Rent a motorbike in Ha Long

Depending on your travel budget plan, you can choose from different accommodation options to suit your personal budget. If you want to experience the best accommodation service at a cost of several million a day, you should choose the resort with the premium quality service package of Vinpearl Ha Long Bay. 

Bai Chay hotel you should stay

A little lower is in 5-star hotels with a cost of 700-1 million per day such as Novotel Ha Long Bay, and Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel. In the mid-range, you can choose 2 to 3-star hotels with a cost of 15 USD / 1 day. Even cheaper are the homestays with a cost of about 5 USD / 1 day. If you are a little more careful, you should choose an area close to the motorbike rental shops in Bai Chay. It will help you significantly reduce the time and cost of commuting to rent a car when needed once you have aimed to rent a motorbike in Ha Long.

Where to eat when traveling to Bai Chay?

Some famous restaurant addresses in Bai Chay

  • Hoa Sen Restaurant
  • Queen Ha Long Restaurant
  • Yellow crab restaurant
  • Hong Hanh 3 Restaurant
  • Thuy Chung Seafood Restaurant
  • Thien Anh Restaurant

The famous seafood restaurants of Bai Chay have diverse seafood dishes, typical of the taste of the North. The freshest seafood ingredients with the price are not too expensive and suitable for groups of tourists from families to tour. It is a choice not to be missed by tourists. When you rent a motorbike in Ha Long., do not forget to visit the famous seafood shops of Quang Ninh or you can visit the night market to enjoy seafood dishes at a cheaper price.

Where should Bai Chay travel by motorbike?

Visiting Bai Chay tourist sites when you rent a motorbike in Ha Long will definitely cost you no less than a few days. You should also combine with nearby tourist destinations such as Tuan Chau, and Hon Gai to visit and have many great experiences about the port land and the most famous tourist area in the country. If compared to the number of tourists to Quang Ninh, the position of Quang Ninh and Da Nang with the role of the tourism economy is quite similar with the achievement of about 1 million arrivals per month.

  • Bai Chay Beach
  • Bai Chay Bridge
  • Sunworld Park
  • Bai Chay Old Quarter
  • Ha Long Marine Plaza Entertainment Center
  • Ha Long Bay


The specialty of Bai Chay tourism is the sea with the sights of Ha Long Bay and Bai Chay beach. In addition, famous landmarks with an investment value of millions of dollars such as the entertainment center, Sunworld park, and old town will surely satisfy tourists who rent a motorbike in Ha Long when coming here.

2. Explore Tuan Chau Island when you rent a motorbike in Ha Long

With an area of ​​7.6 km2 and at the same time located in the culture of the Neolithic age of Ha Long Culture. In 2003, Ha Long Tuan Chau island was planned by the Department of Investment and Tourism to become the largest tourist and entertainment center of Ha Long city. Tuan Chau’s internal infrastructure system includes 3 major items: one is a world-class resort villa area, and the other is a culinary street with Ha Long coastal specialties and diverse Asian and European dishes. Three is the center for circus performances of sea animals including seals, dolphins, and sea lions.

rent a motorbike in Ha Long

The entertainment model of Ha Long Tuan Chau island is quite unique because it combines the resort model and marine entertainment activities. Simultaneously combine with Halong Bay tours by day and night. Compared to the modern entertainment center, Tuan Chau island should also invest in more entertainment such as adventure, electronic, or casino models. It will increase its attractiveness to domestic and foreign tourists.

Are there any interesting experiences?

Tuan Chau beach is extremely beautiful, with a blue sea, fine white sand, and a beautiful view of Tuan Chau’s motel and restaurant space. Ha Long Tuan Chau Island will definitely bring you a great travel experience when you rent a motorbike in Ha Long.

Fun activities on Ha Long Tuan Chau island

Tuan Chau water music performance

The water music program is performed daily in the morning and evening hours, combined with colorful lights and vibrant music to create beautiful and impressive performances. The design of the stands resembles the works of the ancient Roman arena. The water jets shot from the pillars are not too big, nor too small, forming water curves in a lively and unique space.

Outdoor amusement park

The outdoor amusement park hosts circus shows of cute sea animals. A space that is both romantic and comfortable for couples and families to enjoy.

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