Visit Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area located in Binh Duong commune, Dong Trieu is a new tourist destination put into operation in the province. Immediately after being put into operation, the resort received the attention of many tourists and is an attractive tourist destination for young people.

Introduction to Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area is a complex of general entertainment services invested by Hoang Ha Group Joint Stock Company. Located in the Quang Ninh Gate Resting Station and Tourist Area Project, this emerging Quang Ninh tourist destination covers a large area of ​​nearly 12 hectares. There are 3 types of attractive tourism: ecotourism, experience tourism, and village tourism. Officially launched in 2018, Quang Ninh Gate tourist area immediately became the most sought-after destination in Quang Ninh by the travel community.

Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area
Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area has 3 main types of entertainment services. It is an eco-tourism area, an experience tourist area, and a village tourist area. Each area offers many modern amenities and services such as a system of hotels, restaurants and luxury resorts. Along with that, there are a series of attractive entertainment activities: aquarium, water park, thrill park… Besides, this place also has a cultural space such as a fishing village, farming area, etc. Country market and water puppet show. All are reproduced very realistically to bring a complete resort space for visitors.

Quang Ninh Gate 3D Painting Museum

3D Painting Museum (Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area) is one of the famous check-in places in Quang Ninh. Owning an area of 1500m2, the museum has 2 floors and 6 galleries with separate concepts. In particular, the first floor will be a famous destination in Quang Ninh. For example, the national scenic spots Yen Tu Pagoda, Ha Long Bay, and Quang La Flower Paradise. Besides, this place also has a lot of “so deep” virtual live backgrounds. Coming to the 3D museum of Quang Ninh Gate, you will have the opportunity to experience the exciting “vi vu” of Quang Ninh.

Windmill Bakery- nearby Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

At first hearing the name “Civil Xay Gio” cake shop, you will surely think of the dreamy city of Da Lat. Catching the golden wall trend of this famous Da Lat bakery, Coi Xay Gio bakery in Quang Ninh Gate is a 1-0-2 check-in space in the coastal city. From now on, you don’t need to travel to far away Da Lat anymore. Because just traveling to Quang Ninh, there is a version of Bakery that brings the whole foggy city to the coastal city!

Ha Long tour
Ha Long Bay

Experiencing 18-floor Hell- in Quang Ninh gate eco tourism area

One of the most impressive works in Quang Ninh Gate is the 18-story Hell Experience Area. Possessing an area of up to 730 m2 and 150 m of tunnels, this place most realistically simulates the punishments under the hell floor. Besides, lively sounds, dolls, and lifelike laughter. All promise to bring an unforgettable experience and test of “powerful” courage for visitors. At the same time, it also leaves a special impression on visitors about filial piety and the law of cause and effect.

Quang Ninh Gate Water Park

Quang Ninh Gate Water Park is a “cool” summer cooling spot in the Quang Ninh Gate entertainment complex. After a while of visiting and experiencing 7749 activities here, there is nothing more exciting than being able to freedom struggle in the cool and refreshing water.

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour
Quang Ninh gate eco tour

Quang Ninh Gate Water Park has up to 4 separate swimming pools. They are a whirlpool pool, slide pool, kids pool, and adult pool. Quang Ninh Gate Water Park does not have a grandiose area like Sun World Water Park. However, in terms of scale and slides, Quang Ninh Gate Water Park guarantees to bring you an equally enjoyable experience.

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