Exciting activities in the overnight cruise on the Bay

overnight cruise on the Bay

For those who have never been on an overnight cruise on the Bay, the exciting nightlife activities should be a strong enough reason for you to want to prepare for a journey with many exciting experiences. Below are some interesting activities on the night tour on the Bay to help you understand a bit about the luxury cruise at sea.

Soak in the bathtub and enjoy an overnight cruise on the Bay at night

I don’t know if you are a romanticist but experience soaking in the bath and watching the bay at night. Below the ship is the sound of crashing waves, the sound of the engine running turbulently on the sea surface, and at eye level is the wide space of Ha Long Bay and the bright lights of fishermen going fishing at night. Just imagine how beautiful that scene was. The feeling of relaxation when soaking in the bath and listening to the quiet space of the night on the sea is a feeling that you will not be easy to get. All your senses are now immersed in nature and the vast space of the ocean.

overnight cruise on the Bay
Overnight cruises on the Bay

Have a small BBQ party on the sundeck of the ship

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or not, a BBQ party is brimming with the flavors of rich red wine and grilled meats. You have just enjoyed each piece of sweet, chewy, aromatic, greasy meat surrounded by a vast, quiet scene of the night sea and next to a quiet blue swimming pool. It seemed that all the fatigue and broken souls were healed at that moment. If you go with someone you love, it will be a great moment for both of you.

Exchange music and organize team-building games on the board

I don’t intend to drown you in a romantic atmosphere. You can also organize musical activities with fellow travelers on the cruise or organize team-building games to create a fun and energetic atmosphere if you love fun activities of an overnight cruise on the Bay and the team plays like that. Dating and having fun is a way to help you release your spirit and bring you and your friends more positive and joyful energy into life.

Schedule for the first day: Ha Long City Center – Sun World Ha Long – Bai Chay

Relax with recreational activities on board such as spa, gym, watching movies, playing golf

With just a few of the above activities, have you seen the attraction of a night tour on the Bay? But that is not all, you can still fully immerse yourself in relaxation with other available recreational activities such as spa, massage, gym, watching movies, and playing golf on the yacht. Of course, you can also make new friends by participating in such recreational activities.

The yachts from 3 stars have fully arranged entertainment functions for visitors. The number of service activities increases gradually depending on the number of stars of the yacht. The recently launched 6-star yachts are the highest level of service available. The 3, 4, and 5-star quality classification criteria have quite a few items spanning the main contents one is location requirements, and architecture, second is equipment, and convenience, third is service quality, four are requirements for personnel, five are safety in terms of fire prevention and food safety and hygiene.

Read a book, enjoy tea or coffee on the deck on an overnight cruise on the bay

If you are an introvert, you will surely love reading, and enjoying tea or coffee on the deck of an overnight cruise on the Bay. The peace of the words plus the deep space of the sea is a great backdrop for you to experience and enjoy. The immensity of the ocean has a strange healing power to the spiritual wounds no matter how deep people. Nature has been a source of life for many generations, a place to protect and nurture our lives.

overnight cruise on the Bay
Overnight Cruises on Halong Bay

Are you ready for an overnight cruise on the Bay?

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