Summary of famous places for a memorable Bai Chay tour

memorable Bai Chay tour.

Bai Chay has long become a familiar place for many Vietnamese people, not only because of its geographical position associated with the famous scenic Ha Long Bay but also because Bai Chay also contains in it treasures. An interesting secret, giving visitors new experiences when visiting Ha Long Bay. Here is a list of famous places that you may want to know for your memorable Bai Chay tour.

Sun World, a famous outdoor place in Bai Chay

The famous outdoor place in Bai Chay is Sun World Park with a system of diverse thrilling games. This entertainment activity is built on ideas from the theme parks of the West. Sun World is not the only amusement park in Ha Long, it is also invested in many other famous tourist destinations in the country, including Da Nang. In terms of the depth of entertainment activities, Sun World has a greater entertainment attraction for domestic tourists because it is not so new to Western tourists. In addition, Bai Chay in a memorable Bai Chay tour also has other famous attractions and entertainment places including Bai Chay beach, Ha Long old town, Bai Chay bridge, Ha Long night market.

Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours
Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours

Currently, according to the planning of the city government, the entertainment works will be invested along the stronghold line to enhance the tourist attraction on a large scale. But the investment and promotion of traditional cultural entertainment activities of the nation will need to be paid attention to to deploy and invest sooner in the future.

Popular hotels in Bai Chay- Experience for memorable Bai Chay tour

Some hotels are highly rated by tourists on social platforms, including Iris Hotel, BMC Thang Long Hotel, Saigon Ha Long Hotel, Pearl Ha Long Hotel, and Asean Ha Long Hotel .

Iris Hotel: Iris is a budget-friendly two-star Bai Chay hotel with good quality and an ideal location for budget trips. The impression of customers about the hotel is that despite the affordable price, the rooms and bathrooms are very large, and some rooms have airy balconies that are suitable for families. (room price 500-800k/1 room)

Halong Bay tours
Halong Bay tours

3-star BMC Thang Long Hotel: Located on the main road of National Highway 18, opposite Bai Chay tourist ship port, BMC Thang Long hotel is a 3-star Bai Chay hotel – where visitors can rest and enjoy. Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Ha Long Bay. The quiet space is a suitable place for those who love quiet. (room price: 700k-2.2 million/room)

Saigon Ha Long Hotel: Saigon Ha Long Hotel is a 4-star standard hotel with a scale of 15 floors with many rooms up to 222 rooms, including 88 Superior mountain view rooms, 104 Deluxe rooms, and 12 Executive Suites rooms. has a private balcony overlooking Ha Long Bay. Each room is equipped with modern furniture to bring a luxurious space. (price: 950-2.7 million/room)

Pearl Halong Hotel: Halong Pearl Hotel is located on the shores of Ha Long Bay, just a few steps from the sea, tourist centers, and shopping and entertainment areas. The hotel not only owns an ideal space but also offers 181 luxurious and comfortable rooms, most of which are facing the sea, overlooking the beautiful panorama of Ha Long Bay. (price 900-1.4 million)

The hotels are evaluated as having modern facilities, good quality room service, and the service attitude of the staff is relatively professional.

Popular restaurants in Bai Chay

Phuong Nam Restaurant: Phuong Nam restaurant can be considered as the number 1 choice for you when enjoying your stay in Ha Long. With a diverse menu full of seafood swimming in Quang Ninh beach and fresh ingredients that you can choose directly from the aquarium at the restaurant, Phuong Nam is always loved by both tourists and locals. Appreciate the quality of the food as well as the quality of the service.

Ha Long island
Hotpot and barbecue restaurant

Sen A Dong buffet restaurant: Sen A Dong buffet restaurant of a memorable Bai Chay tour is a good choice for the whole family or group of friends to enjoy more than 100 dishes of Western, Asian, and seafood Quang Ninh, including nearly 50 seafood dishes. delicious products of Ha Long. The restaurant is especially loved by tourists and locals in Ha Long because it is one of the few seafood restaurants serving a buffet.

Trang Gia Vien Restaurant: This is considered a definite destination not to be missed when traveling or working in Quang Ninh. With an airy space, accented by both ancient and modern architecture, Trang Gia Vien Restaurant will bring you interesting culinary experiences with unique features that are difficult to be confused with in countless restaurants. in Ha Long. The restaurant is located in the heart of the vibrant and bustling coastal city, in addition, Trang Gia Vien is also famous for its affordable price, suitable for your pocket and satisfies your curiosity about discovering Quang Ninh cuisine.

Famous coffee shops in Bai Chay

Some famous cafes in Bai Chay that you can refer a memorable Bai Chay tour below

Plus coffee: Through the glass wall of Cong Cafe, visitors will see the space of Bai Chay old town. A few hundred meters away is the Union Hotel. Nostalgic style, simple and pleasant. You won’t be able to mistake the signature army green of Plus with any cafe.

Nam Phong Coffee: Like other chain stores, the layout of Nam Phong Cafe is consistent with each other. The shop follows the European style, with dark wooden furniture. The piano at the restaurant both creates luxury and brings live music performances that are very popular with customers. The bar’s drinks are machine-made coffee and iced drinks. Nam Phong’s office meals are quite rich and delicious.

Coffee cafe: Kafa cafe chain is the next name to land on Ha Long coastal city. Kafa Bai Chay space of a memorable Bai Chay tour is located in Cai Dam urban area, entrance to Vinpearl. Still street cafe style, but more elegant variation when blending into a young, modern urban area. Kafa’s signature black design stands out on the white of the charming shophouses.

Where to book a memorable Bai Chay tour?

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