What should you know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices?

Lan Ha Bay ticket prices

Located in Hai Phong, Lan Ha Bay is located right next to Ha Long Bay with many famous landscapes. Lan Ha Bay also interests many tourists if you want to know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices. Below is an article summarizing ticket prices to visit Lan Ha Bay.

Summary of places to visit Lan Ha Bay 

Where is Lan Ha Bay located? Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba has an area of more than 7000m2 with many large and small islands, located to the east of Cat Ba island and south of Ha Long Bay. With the wild and lively beauty of unexploited beaches, Lan Ha Bay is an attractive destination for tourists. Visiting Lan Ha Bay, visitors will be able to participate in fun activities on the sea and explore the life of fishing villages here.

What attractions are there in Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay Floating Market: If you have ever traveled to the West, you will probably imagine the floating market of the people here. However, Lan Ha Bay floating market has a smaller scale, mainly by fishermen looking after fish and shrimp rafts. You can visit this place to buy seafood as a gift.

Lan Ha Bay ticket prices
Lan Ha Bay ticket prices

Cua Van fishing village: ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices) Cua Van fishing village is nestled on the Van Gia limestone mountain, in a calm area. This place attracts visitors to the colorful floating houses bobbing in the middle of the bay. The life of the fishermen is extremely peaceful with more than 300 families engaged in fishing. With charming and poetic beauty, Cua Van fishing village on Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba, is on the list of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world.

Nam Cat Island:  ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices) Nam Cat Island is about 15 minutes by boat from Lan Ha Bay. The island is full of wildness, serenity, and charm. It has 3 wooden stilt houses and 6 bamboo cottages, helping you fully enjoy the fresh air from the sea nature.

Monkey Island ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices) Monkey Island is also known as Cat Dua Island because there are many pineapple trees on the island. However, the island is now called Monkey Island because it is home to more than 20 monkeys brought by the rangers of Cat Ba National Park. They are quite friendly and often enjoy playing with visitors. Monkey Island has 2 beaches: Cat Dua 1 beach and Cat Dua 2 beaches. The seawater here is extremely clear, suitable for swimming, kayaking…

Halong Bay tours
Lan Ha Bay tours

Luon Cave: Luon Cave on Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba is a famous tourist destination with extremely beautiful check-in photos. Try kayaking to visit the beautiful scenery around Luon Cave, you will be satisfied. Luon Cave is known as the masterpiece on the bay.

Van Boi beach: ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices) Van Boi beach is located along the protruding part of a mountain range, where many tourists often come here to explore boating, swimming… Van Boi beach has a natural landscape. beautiful with long fine white sand beaches, clear blue sea water, and quiet and peaceful space.

Three islands island: As a famous tourist destination in Lan Ha Bay, this place possesses charming scenery, not only the road is relatively convenient, Ba Trai Dao beach is about 22 km from the cruise ship. To the southeast, three small mountains over 20 m high look like three peaches. The seawater at Ba Trai Dao beach is also very clear, on sunny days you can even see the image of the bottom of this bay. The beach is quite shallow and airtight, and very safe for swimming and boating activities here. In addition to swimming here, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Ba Trai Dao island with strangely shaped cliffs located next to the beach area.

Halong Bay cruise ticket prices
Lan Ha Bay ticket prices in Sunrise

Cat Ba Islands: Cat Ba archipelago was formed through the history of geological development, has outstanding ecological value, and is a center of biodiversity of the world, with 3860 species of terrestrial animals and plants. and under the sea. Of these, 130 rare species have been included in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world, 76 species are on the IUCN rare list, and 21 are endemic. In particular, Cat Ba Islands is the only breeding ground of Cat Ba white-headed langur, an endemic species, with only 63 individuals left in the world. Many species of plants and animals have been classified as critically endangered (CR) by the IUCN.

Long Chau Archipelago: ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices) Located 15km southeast of Cat Ba, Long Chau is the largest of the 22 islands in the Long Chau Archipelago, with an area of over 1km2. The island is almost pure rock and has very little fresh water. According to folklore, Long Chau is a “precious Southern medicinal garden” because there are few trees that can withstand the harshness here. On the island, there are many poisonous snakes, such as green snakes, vipers, and brown snakes.

The French built Long Chau Lighthouse on the island in 1895, which seafarers often call the “Long Chau Pearl Eye”. This lighthouse together with Hon Dau Lighthouse (Do Son), Ke Ga (Binh Thuan) are the 3 oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. On the island, there is also a system of lamp houses, including a power plant, the way to climb the light tower is about 3km long, and the light tower is built of green stone, a round cylinder. During the anti-American war, the lighthouse on the island was extremely important, guiding ships from abroad to aid the North. Uncle Ho called it “The Pearl Eye of the Fatherland”. That’s why this lighthouse was bombarded by American aircraft and bombed a total of 248 times.

Are Lan Ha Bay ticket prices expensive or cheap?

High-speed boat at Got – Cat Ba: 120,000 VND / person / time (Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa)

High-speed boat from Got – Cat Ba: 100,000 VND/pax/way (Hadeco)

Tickets to visit Cat Ba National Forest: VND 80,000

Tickets to Trung Trang Cat Ba Cave: 80,000 VND/pax/way

Quan Y Cave Ticket: 80,000 VND/pax/way

Ticket price to visit Monkey Island: 80,000 VND/pax

Tickets to visit Cannon Fort: 80,000 VND ( know more about Lan Ha Bay ticket prices)

Boat price to visit Lan Ha Bay: 2,200,000 VND/time

Ticket price to visit Lan Ha Bay: 80,000 VND/time

Got ferry ticket: 12,000 VND/way

High-speed train ticket to Got Wharf: 50,000 VND/way

Tuan Chau – Gia Luan high-speed train ticket: 100,000 VND

Tuan Chau – Cat Ba high-speed train ticket: 220,000 VND

Tuan Chau – Gia Luan ferry ticket: VND 80,000

High-speed canoe: 2,500,000 VND/trip

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