List of the hottest Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises

Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises

Lan Ha Bay is one of the hot tours and attracts the attention of many tourists when coming to Ha Long. Located right next to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay attracts visitors with its unique beauty. The attractions of the Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises are a highlight for visitors not to miss when coming here.

Capella 5-star yacht, the leading resort & entertainment yacht

Capella Cruise, a leading resort and entertainment cruise on Lan Ha Bay, stands out with its Indochinese design style. The yacht includes 30 rooms >32m3, and restaurant facilities, swimming pool, spa, sunbathing area, water slide, Cigar & Poker club… are arranged harmoniously on 6 floors of the yacht. All rooms have private balconies, surrounded by glass ceilings, and spacious and modern equipment.

Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises
Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises

In its designs, Capella honors the beauty and value of the Indochinese design style combined with the modern functions and the diverse entertainment facilities of a luxury 5-star yacht. In particular, Capella Cruise also arranges a one-of-a-kind water slide for you to enjoy swimming in the sea, along with experiences of kayaking, taking a bamboo boat to visit caves…

Stellar of the Sea, a modern Western-style yacht

Stellar of the Sea (Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises) is a luxury yacht, modern yacht style with 22 classrooms, with 4 room types with an area from 28m2 to 60m2. The yacht has a modern, high-class room design with a private balcony and a wide view of the sea. Modern and sophisticated furniture gives you a comfortable and classy resort space.

The yacht provides luxurious facilities for guests such as a swimming pool (not jacuzzi), golf course, cigar cellar, children’s play area, and a system of restaurants and bars of international standards. All experiences on Stellar of the Sea are geared towards a cruise vacation on Lan Ha Bay.

Le Theater Cruise, European Theater-style yacht

The 5-star Le Theater Cruise, also known as the Theater Cruise, has an extremely sophisticated and luxurious design style. Le Theater Cruise itself is an artistic design from the decoration style to the amenities for visitors. The yacht is not only a place for tourists to rest but also a work of art on Lan Ha Bay.

Bai Tu Long Bay ticket prices
Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises

21 luxurious rooms with an area from 25m2 to 40m2 with private balconies bring you comfort and convenience. Inside the yacht, the system of restaurants, bars, spas, or just a row of corridors also shows elegance and sophistication in every detail, attracting visitors.

Scarlet Pearl Cruise, a modern European-style yacht

Scarlet Pearl Cruise (Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises) is rated as a 5-star luxury cruise on Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long. With the appearance of a luxury yacht in the truest sense, Scarlet Pearl conquers visitors with luxury, class, and different experiences. Cruise with 23 rooms, 4-story design with full facilities: restaurant, bar, massage room, and gym.

Lan Ha Bay ticket prices
Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises in Sunrise

On the yacht, there are 23 rooms divided into 4 different room classes. The rooms are equipped with modern equipment, fully equipped. All rooms have private balconies and are modernly furnished to meet all your needs.

Jade Sails, open European style

Jade Sails yacht (Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises) is luxuriously designed in the style of modern yachts of Western countries. Open space, high-class equipment, and facilities for visitors to have the most comfortable relaxing time on Lan Ha Bay even for just 1 day.

A system of luxurious restaurants and a wide range of experiences on Lan Ha Bay have made Jade Sails a better choice for the 1-day Lan Ha Bay Tour Package departing from Hanoi.

Book Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises at Sunrise

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