The reasons that make Halong become a tourist destination on the golden list 


Halong has always been a place of interest for domestic and foreign tourists. Exploring the beautiful Ha Long Bay, visitors will be able to see the beautiful islet and experience the best cruise on the bay. We would like to share with everyone the reasons why you should travel to Halong Bay.

Pristine and majestic nature

Ha Long is not only an impressive destination in Vietnam, it is also a household name on the world tourist map. From the sea to the mountains, from the bustling metropolis to the idyllic fishing village, from the dynamic beauty to the rare majesty, all have comprehensive beauty.

Ha Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world is a definite address not to be missed. The natural beauty of thousands of limestone islands undulating in the sea and in the clouds creates a breathtaking view. With thousands of limestone islands and beautiful caves, SeeHaLong Bay 4 hour at noon is sure to captivate first-time visitors.

Although it has been put into tourism for a long time, HaLong Bay in particular, and Ha Long in general still retain the beauty of their original state. 

Nature in Halong

Diverse activities to explore

Coming to Halong, you can choose recreational activities such as swimming, playing in the complex, and exploring nature here.

If you enjoy exploring the local culture, Van Boi fishing village, one of only five remaining floating fishing villages in Halong Bay, is the place for you. If you’re eager to experience it, try kayaking, rock climbing or biking.

Various cuisine

Not only beautiful scenery, but HaLong is also a paradise for foodies. Not to mention specialties such as grilled squid rolls, sea sam, ha porridge, bun surface, nodding cake, grilled Loi yin chicken, sea sam, steamed rice, grilled oysters, dried food.

Indochine Cruise confidently prepares specialty dishes of Ha Long. Enjoying fine dining at a fine dining restaurant while admiring the beauty of SeeHaLong Bay 6 hour will surely be an unforgettable experience for every tourist.

Experience a variety of accommodation services

Known as Vietnam’s tourist paradise, Halong has always invested in all tourism products to fully meet all the needs of domestic and foreign tourists. What we are most proud of is our highly diversified accommodation service system, whose quality is always among the best.

While other tourist cities focus on building hotels and resorts, SeeHaLong Bay 4 hour in the morning in particular has a completely unique type of accommodation – night trains.


It turns out that a trip to Halong Bay is not as expensive as you might think. Transportation, catering, accommodation, entertainment and other services here are completely transparent and reasonable. Another important thing is that Ha Long does not entice or coerce tourists to use this service to collect money. can be selected to

You have many choices of accommodation in Ha Long

Ha Long tourism on famous beaches

Traveling to Ha Long on hot summer days, visitors can hardly refuse the “invitation” of white sand beaches stretching with white waves to be immersed in the fresh, blue water of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long.

Bai Chay Beach is an artificial beach located along HaLong Bay with a white sand beach 500m long and 100m wide, with an inclination of about 10 degrees. Bai Chay beach meets the swimming needs of tourists and is a modern, comfortable, and especially green beach. Ti Top beach has the shape of the moon embracing the island’s foot, the sand is small but airy and quiet, and the water is clean and clear in four seasons. Tuan Chau beach is also a beautiful artificial beach in Halong Bay with a 2km long sand carpet. In addition to swimming, and participating in fun activities in the sea, visitors can take a walk on Tuan Chau island to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tuan Chau island resort. Soi Sim beach located right at the foot of Soi Sim island is a fine white sand beach, a quiet space, with clear blue water, very clean, you can observe each school of small fish swimming around, the beach also has many beautiful beaches. The comfort is very suitable for bathing, swimming, and scuba diving.

Famous cave system

Hidden in the heart of the rocky islands are beautiful caves associated with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung cave, Tam Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave – Trong cave, Hanh cave… Each cave has a unique, mysterious, and magical beauty that makes visitors go from one surprise to another in the journey of discovery.

Experience the life of a fisherman

There is nothing more interesting when you are chatting, and being in the peaceful living space of fishermen on Ha Long Bay. You can participate in some activities like a real fisherman such as squid fishing or net making, pulling a fishing line, etc. Do not hesitate to make friends and discover the local culture here because the fishermen are always friendly and ready to help you if needed.

Diverse travel experiences in Ha Long

Experience a variety of accommodation services

Considered the tourist paradise of Vietnam, Ha Long always knows how to invest in all activities and products to fully meet the needs of both domestic and international tourists. Which is impossible not to mention the extremely diverse and quality accommodation service system. Along the beautiful coastal roads, you can easily find a series of high-class resorts, quality hotels to beautiful small homestays. One thing that you are completely conquered by the accommodation services in Ha Long is that most of the overall design architecture of each room is towards an open space, in harmony with nature. Therefore, you can enjoy the scenery and fresh, peaceful atmosphere right in your room.


Depending on the purpose of use as well as the different needs of visitors, the rooms are equipped with different furniture and amenities. And of course, the cost also varies.

With its advantages, Ha Long is always a great tourist destination for tourists near and far. If readers are planning a trip to HaLong but still wonder about transportation, don’t forget to contact us for helpful advice.

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