Should you choose 5, 4 or 3 star Halong Bay tours?

Halong Bay tours

Whether to choose a 3-star, 4-star or 5-star yacht is a question of many of you. The 3, 4 or 5 star Halong Bay tours are all new travel services available in recent years. Regardless of whether tourists have been to Ha Long many times, this service is still quite new to them. Here is a reference article that you who are interested in using the Halong Bay tour service may need.

Compare prices between 3, 4 and 5 star Halong Bay tours

The price of 3-star yachts ranges from 2.1 to 2.4 million, 4-star yachts cost from 2.7 to 3.2 million and 5-star yachts cost from over 3 to 5 million (all in VND). 5-star yachts achieve higher quality ratings, so the cost of yachts will also be higher.


List of 3-star yachts

Dragon Gold Halong Cruise: priced from 2.1 million VND

Golden Lotus Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.3 million VND

Imperial Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.4 million VND

L’Amour Junk Ha Long Love Cruise is priced from 10.3 million VND

Oriental Sails Ha Long costs 2.4 million VND

Swan Cruise Lan Ha Bay costs 2.7 million.

Halong Bay tours
Halong Bay tours

List of 4-star yachts

Sapphire Halong Cruise: priced from 2.7 million VND

Paloma Halong Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Swan Boutique Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.7 million VND

Glory Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Silver Halong Cruise costs 2.7 million VND

Lan Ha Bay Calypso Cruise costs 3.2 million.

List of 5-star yachts (Halong Bay tours)

Aspira Ha Long Cruise: priced from 2.9 million VND

Sealife Legend Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Scarlet Pearl Lan Ha Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Margaret Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Heritage Cruise costs 4 million VND

memorable Bai Chay tour.
Memorable Bai Chay tour.

Scarlet Pearl Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Mon Cheri yacht 3.5 million VND

Paradise Cruise 3.8 million VND

Stellar of the Sea yacht priced from 4.3 million VND

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise costs from 3.1 million VND

Era Lan Ha Cruise 2.6 million VND

Indochine yacht priced from 3.55 million VND

Ha Long Pelican Cruise costs from 3.2 million VND


Surely visitors will not be able to know what the quality of service the yachts will be like. The easiest way is for tourists to consult the experience of travel companies. They will give the best advice to their customers.

Comparison of conditions of facilities, and services among Halong Bay tour

Based on the quality rating criteria on board Halong Bay tours. Rating criteria of 5-star yachts will be higher than that of 4-star and 3-star yachts.

Regarding architectural criteria of Halong Bay tours

The 5-star yacht encourages more ethnic design elements with a wheelchair-accessible path and also has at least 1 disabled sleeper.

2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience
Bai Chay tours in Sunrise

Regulations on the area of ​​the reception area, and the area of ​​rooms also need to be larger in 3-star and 4-star yachts.

The prescribed number of seats must reach 100% of the number of tables, while this rate in 4-star and 3-star yachts reach 80%.

Furnishing in 5-star yachts requires a double room, while in 3-star and 4-star yachts, only single rooms are required.

The equipment in the 5-star yacht has additional translation equipment

The air conditioning system in a 5-star yacht must be a 2-way system

In addition, the system of service rooms in 5-star boats is also required to have room types including a translation room, steam room, translation room, massage room, sports room, babysitting service room, disabled service room, and night bar.


Where should I book a 3, 4, and 5-star Halong Bay tour?

If you want to learn about Halong Bay tours, please contact Sunrise at hotline 0987 628 336 – 0838 886 816 to receive promotional information and preferential programs from the company. . 

Sunrise is one of the leading local travel brands in providing tour ticket services for tourists in the area along with a variety of travel support services from Ha Long motorbike rental to booking service. Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, and hotel reservations in Ha Long are extremely convenient and fast.


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