Unique Halong Bay tours on the sea

Halong Bay tours on the sea

Ha Long Bay tours at sea may be unfamiliar to many tourists, but even those who have already had bay tours, they may not have discovered all the exciting experiences in Halong Bay. We call them the unique Halong Bay tours on the sea.

Romantic overnight cruise on the sea

The experience of spending the night on Halong Bay tours on the sea is a wonderful experience, especially for travelers with a romantic soul. You can choose to go with your loved one or go alone, but the gentle vibes from within make your trip more sweet and quiet. In the evening, on the vast sea surface with waves, listen to the sound of the waves crashing, below is the gentle moonlight and you can choose to lie down and read a book or peacefully watch the immense sea in the dim light of the yacht or participate in barbecue parties with everyone on board.

Halong Bay tours on the sea
Halong Bay tours on the sea

The romantic atmosphere in the private bedroom or on the outdoor sundeck will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also enjoy light meals, soak in a warm bath or listen to melodious music and relax your soul to immerse yourself in nature and soothe any emotional trauma you have ever encountered.

Dynamic climbing, kayaking tour- Halong Bay tours on the sea

If you are an active person who loves experiential sports activities such as mountain climbing or boating, then you also have the opportunity to do this with the Halong Bay tours on the sea. Kayaking is quite popular at the cave stops of Ha Long Bay such as Luon cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the immense beauty of the Bay and weave themselves into each deeper corner to touch and feel Ha Long Bay closer and more authentic.

Diving tour to see corals, and experience fishing activities with fishermen

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour
Halong Bay tours

For some visitors, the impression of diving to see the coral or participating in fishing activities with fishermen is the most unforgettable experience for them. Not everyone grows up and is attached to the sea like fishermen working in coastal fishing. Their life is simply daily sailing to the sea and catching seafood in exchange for money to buy necessities as well as for their other daily living needs. The life of the fishing village people seems to be free, but they also face a great risk to life on offshore fishing trips. For tourists who are used to live on the shore, the experience of fishing at sea will be an unforgettable impression.

Tour to explore caves and wildlife world- Halong Bay tours on the sea

The world of wildlife contains many secrets from humans. Every animal species, just like humans, has to face the problem of survival every day. The animal world creates a closed cycle where one species inhibits the development of the other or is a source of life for each other’s survival. But it is also because of this diversity and mutual control that creates a balanced life cycle for the world of all species. Exploring wildlife world is what you can get from Halong Bay tours on the sea.

Tour to discover the ancient cultural heritage of the Vietnamese people

4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour
Halong Bay tours on the sea in Sunrise

Ha Long Bay is also an interesting place to help us learn and discover the ancient culture of the Vietnamese people. We, the Vietnamese people, are still proud because we are one of the ancient civilizations of mankind. The ancient relics of the Vietnamese people found in the caves of Ha Long Bay are eloquent evidence of the appearance of the ancient Vietnamese in history. And also once again aroused pride in the national spirit of each Vietnamese.

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