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Halong Bay Itinerary

Ha Long Bay annually welcomes a large number of tourists from home and abroad. Not only do domestic tourists want to visit Ha Long Bay at least once in their life, but even international tourists do not want to miss this famous sightseeing spot. Ha Long Bay is a wide sea with many famous beautiful landscapes exclusively for tourists to visit and explore. Not only that, the landscapes on the mainland in Ha Long also become a common concern of tourists. With the article below, visitors will have a better overview of the Halong Bay Itinerary, and let visitors have a broader perspective when booking a tour in Vinh.

Overview of places to visit Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a famous scenic spot at home and abroad. Every year, millions of tourists come to visit. Experiencing traveling on a yacht and watching the beautiful scenery on each Halong Bay Itinerary that captivated people on the sea is also an experience only in Ha Long.

Famous Bai Chay tourist sites in Halong Bay Itinerary

Bai Chay has long become a forgotten place for locals and even tourists who have visited Ha Long Bay several times. Many different legends are leading to the appearance of the name Bai Chay. However, through the ups and downs of history, Bai Chay has now become a major economic and political center of Quang Ninh province and a tourist destination that tourists will not forget in Halong Bay Itinerary.

Halong Bay Itinerary
Halong Bay Itinerary

Along with the tourism development vision, Sun World’s entertainment infrastructure system including Dragon Park, Water Park, and Queen Cable Car has brought a new look to Bai Chay in recent years. Previously, when visitors to Bai C, only had more activities to bathe and play on Bai Chay beach, now, visitors have more impressive sightseeing options. Especially such as Ha Long old town, simulating the architecture of Hoi An ancient town, Bai Chay night market to shop and visit local products.

Bai Chay Bridge is decorated with 7-color lights, becoming more sparkling and magical at night and the construction of the Western Quarter is being urged by the city to be completed with hope. After the construction is completed, this will become a bustling center and accommodation for international guests and Vietnamese tourists from afar to visit and stay.

Hon Gai tourist attractions of a Halong Bay Itinerary

Hon Gai is located right next to Bai Chay and is also a familiar place for Ha Long tourists. Hon Gai is considered a place with more wild and peaceful landscapes than Bai Chay. There are many famous natural attractions such as Bai Tho Mountain as well as famous spiritual works such as Long Tien Pagoda. Quang Ninh Museum, which has just been completed and put into use, is a unique architectural work inside and out. The museum shows the spirit as well as the traditional beauty of Quang Ninh from ancient times. It is a place to help you have a closer and more realistic view of the whole life and what Quang Ninh mine land has experienced throughout its long history.

Halong Bay tours
Halong Bay tours

A famous destination in Halong Bay Itinerary

Ha Long Bay is a famous scenic spot with countless scenic spots of Halong Bay Itinerary including Ga Choi Islet, Dinh Huong Islet, Swan Islet, Dog Rock Island, and mysterious caves including Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, and Thien Cave. Palaces, islands with diverse ecosystems such as Sim Soi island, Ti Top island, and fishing villages from ancient times such as Ba Hang fishing village, Cua Van fishing village…Each place to visit leaves visitors with difficult impressions. Forget about the famous and mysterious Ha Long Bay with a variety of colors and hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Ha Long Bay 1 day tour itinerary

Ha Long tour itinerary 4 hours

7h30-8h00: Car picks you up at your hotel in Bai Chay area.

The car will take you to Ha Long international port and check-in procedures.

8:15-8h30: Cruise departs to visit Ha Long Bay – one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

9h00: Visit Stone Dog Islet, Dinh Huong Islet – printed on 200,000 VND denominations.

9h10: Visit Ba Hang, this is the time for you to rest and relax. You can also go kayaking/bamboo boat to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by yourself.

10h00: Visit the cock fighting island – the symbol of Ha Long Bay

10h20: Visit Thien Cung Cave – one of the most beautiful caves on Ha Long Bay

11h20: Have lunch on board (6 people/table)

12h00-12h15: Cruise back to Ha Long international port

12h30: It takes you back to the original pick up point.

The cost of traveling to Ha Long Bay
Halong Bay cruises

6 hour Bay Tour itinerary

8:00 – 8:30: Pick up at your hotel in Bai Chay area.

The car will take you to Ha Long international port and check-in procedures.

8:30-9:00: Cruise departs to visit Ha Long Bay – one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

9:30 am: Visit Ga Choi Islet – the symbol of Quang Ninh tourism.

9h50: Visit Finger Island – Swan Island.

10:00: Visit Sung Sot cave – one of the largest caves of Ha Long Bay.

11:30: Have lunch on board (Meals 6 guests/table)

12h00: You visit Luon Cave by kayak/bamboo boat to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by yourself.

13h00: You stop at Titop beach – where you can participate in swimming or climbing to the top of the mountain to take panoramic photos of Ha Long Bay.

14h00: You board the boat back to the port.

15h00-15h30: The ship arrives at Ha Long international port.

16h00: Car takes you back to the hotel.

Book a tour of Ha Long Bay at Sunrise

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