Check out 3, 4, and 5 star the Halong Bay cruise ticket prices 

Halong Bay cruise ticket prices

3, 4 and 5 star Halong Bay cruise ticket prices are a big concern for many visitors to the Bay tour in recent years. Many tourists also do not know what criteria and criteria the 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star yachts are currently ranked on. Please refer to the article below.

3-star Halong Bay cruise ticket price

Some standard requirements for a 3-star Halong Bay cruise:

The ship is designed with beautiful architecture, and good materials, and the interior and exterior are decorated in a harmonious layout. Room size should be at least 1.2m2. The bedroom has a single bed and is fully equipped. Catering is available from 6 am to 10 pm daily. The staff has a college degree or higher for management staff and has more than 50% vocational certificates for service staff.

Halong Bay cruise ticket prices
Halong Bay cruise ticket prices

Dragon Gold Halong Cruise: priced from 2.1 million VND (including Halong Bay cruise ticket prices)

Golden Lotus Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.3 million VND

Imperial Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.4 million VND

L’Amour Junk Ha Long Love Cruise is priced from 10.3 million VND

Oriental Sails Ha Long costs 2.4 million VND

Swan Cruise Lan Ha Bay costs 2.7 million.

4 star Halong Bay cruise ticket prices

Some specific standard requirements for 4-star yachts are as follows: The design of the ship ensures beautiful architecture, good materials, and a wild deck for sunbathing guests. Regulations for 4-star yachts, the biggest difference is in the area of the reception hall, in 3-star boats the lobby area is 0.5 m2, the 4-star lobby is 0.8 m2 and in 5-star boats is 1m2. The area of single and double bedrooms is also larger than that of a 3-star yacht. On the boat, there is a restaurant and a bar, with separate working rooms for managers. The bedroom is fully equipped with basic necessities for living. Staff on deck are capable of being fluent in foreign languages.

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Halong Bay cruises

Sapphire Halong Cruise: priced from 2.7 million VND

Paloma Halong Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Swan Boutique Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.7 million VND

Glory Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Silver Halong Cruise costs 2.7 million VND

Lan Ha Bay Calypso Cruise costs 3.2 million.

5-star Halong Bay cruise ticket price

5-star yacht is the class of yacht with almost the highest quality today. The cost and expenses of yachts are also considered the highest. Mandatory rating criteria for 5-star yachts

Architectural-specific requirements:

Unique architectural shape, good materials.

Encourage ethnicity in architectural design.

There is a wheelchair-accessible path.

There is at least one bedroom for people with disabilities in wheelchairs.

Regulations for the reception lobby area:

The minimum area is 1.0m2/pax (the number of guests is calculated according to the number of beds on board).

Regulation of area for bedrooms, toilets

Room with a single bed 10 m2.

Room with one double bed or two single beds 14m2.

Bathroom in bedroom 4m2.

Special chamber 35 m2 (not including restroom).

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Halong Bay cruise tickets

Regulations with the dining area

The restaurant eats u and Asia separately. Two bars. The number of seats is equal to 100% of the beds. Separate restrooms for men and women.

The conference room is equipped with conference equipment and ventilation

Services include 24-hour food service, translation service, sauna service, massage room, gym, room and babysitting service, service for the disabled, pay by credit card.

Aspira Ha Long Cruise: priced from 2.9 million VND

Sealife Legend Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Scarlet Pearl Lan Ha Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Margaret Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Heritage Cruise costs 4 million VND

Scarlet Pearl Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Mon Cheri yacht 3.5 million VND

Paradise Cruise 3.8 million VND

Stellar of the Sea yacht priced from 4.3 million VND

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise costs from 3.1 million VND

Era Lan Ha Cruise 2.6 million VND

Indochine yacht priced from 3.55 million VND

Ha Long Pelican Cruise costs from 3.2 million VND

The averageHalong Bay cruise ticket prices of 5-star yachts ranges from 2.6 million.

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