Ha Long Bay is a beautiful natural wonder in Quang Ninh, northern Vietnam near the border with China. This remarkable area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. To many visitors, this place looks like a scene from a movie. Let’s take a look at the top 5 activities to chill out in Ha Long tourism you should try to explore this wonderful bay.

Kayaking on Halong Bay

Kayaking to discover Ha Long is one of the most interesting experiences for travel believers. Here, there are many rental services of bamboo boats or kayaks for visitors to freely steer, weaving into the most beautiful corners of the bays and islands.

Kayak has become the ideal means of transportation to visit Ha Long. The world-famous natural wonder is an endless space to test your perseverance and persistence to explore.

Unspoiled rocky islands, undulating in the middle of the sea, mysterious and magical caves, or peaceful fishing villages on the waves… All will bring you the most memorable moment in harmony with nature in the world.

Ha Long tourism
Bamboo boats

Experiencing this activity during a trip to Halong Bay, you can enjoy the natural scenery and save the best moments of this place. During the kayaking journey, there will always be lifeguards observing and ensuring absolute safety, so you do not need to worry too much.

However, visitors should note that they should strictly follow the instructions of the boat staff, always wear life jackets when sailing and each kayak can only carry a maximum of 2 people.

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Adventure climbing experience

Answering the question of what to play in Ha Long, climbing in the sea is said to be a risky but very interesting activity. This natural sport is perfect for a place like Ha Long Bay with many large and small islands..

There are hundreds of climbing points from easy to difficult to help you test your ingenuity, and conquer nature.

With sea climbing, this game aims to climb the cliffs in the sea and jump into the water when the climb is completed. Therefore, when participating athletes do not need ropes, belts, or mattresses, but only a pair of climbing shoes.

Ha Long tourism
Adventure climbing experience

Despite the protection of the blue sea, climbers must ensure that they are good swimmers and climb at an acceptable height. If you want to challenge yourself at a more difficult level, you must have a belt to ensure safety.

Besides, Ha Long is also famous for Bai Tho mountain (Poem mountain) climbing. This is not only your chance to challenge your health, but also to discover the magnificent beauty of nature.

From the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay and take unforgettable photos in a lifetime..

Explore the mysterious cave

Those who have experience traveling to Ha Long will certainly not be able to ignore the experience of exploring caves.

Ha Long is not only famous for its clear blue beaches stretching along the white sand but also for many caves with mysterious and enchanting beauty.

Ha Long tourism
Explore the mysterious cave

This place is a great destination for domestic and foreign tourists to visit and admire the pristine stalactite caves formed tens of millions of years ago. 

Each cave is associated with a touching and very interesting historical legend. In the middle of the vast sea, famous caves are exploited to become a favorite tourist paradise.

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Chill out on the beach in Ha Long

It will be a big omission if you travel to Ha Long without swimming. It owns many artificial beaches and natural beaches with pristine and clear beauty. The beaches in Ha Long are famous for their rustic beauty, virginity, cool blue sea water, and smooth white sand.

Swimming in the sea is a great activity during a vacation for the whole family or groups of friends. The feeling of being able to swim and immerse yourself in the cool, clear blue water is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Besides, you can freely enjoy the scenery, enjoy the fresh air, walk along the beach and save romantic moments.

Take a cruise on the pearl island

One of the fun activities in Ha Long that is chosen by many people is taking a sightseeing cruise on pearl island. Currently, many tour companies provide this luxury sightseeing service. You can choose a one-day schedule to explore Ha Long Bay on a cruise or spend the night on the bay if you have time.

Ha Long tourism
Take a cruise on the pearl island

Most Halong cruises are very high-class and modern with many attentive services. Each train will have different schedules and sightseeing routes to suit the needs of tourists. Your vacation will be more perfect than ever if you experience this wonderful activity.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the bay, Halong cruises also provide Massage and Spa services amid the romantic natural scenery of the bay. This is a great opportunity for visitors to calm down and find the feeling of relaxation, immersing themselves in the immense waves.

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Ha Long motorbike rental good cost – Detailed and enthusiastic Ha Long tourism advice

Whether traveling for the first time or many times, renting a Ha Long motorbike to explore the city is the way that many tourists prefer. For those who come to Ha Long for the first time, rent a motorbike at our unit for immediate rescue.

Not only motorbike rental, but the store also provides motorbike repair and rescue services for customers. You will not need to worry about being cut and slashed, or having to drive your motorbike for miles to find a repair place. Come to the land of Ha Long tourism with many interesting experiences and the best service.


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