Not a city but when it comes to it people will think of a beautiful bay, a wonder of the world as before, Ha Long has now followed other tourist cities, wearing a new coat. Batch, attractive. Did you know the new face of Ha Long?
Bai Chay of now clean and full of adventure cruises. If children play with sand, swim in the sea, young men have fun like riding canoe surfing, swinging on umbrellas tens of meters high to mingle with the blue sky. And adults will be very happy when their children and grandchildren are delighted to have fun after hard study hours. The name Bai Chay sounds hot, but also shows the energetic when you return to Ha Long.
Places not to be missed when traveling to Ha Long is here. Named as the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, the 23-hectare area is decorated with elaborate, vibrant and countless adventure games that challenge the spirit of visitors as well as enjoy the moments worthy Remember with family and friends.

You will be surprised to know right in Vietnam there is also a super-wide entertainment complex no less than your country. Want thrills? Go to Dragon Park. Want to wave the area with water? Go to Typhoon Water Park. Want to see Ha Long from above? Of course, sitting on the Queen’s cable car. Do not forget to immerse yourself in a Japanese-style atmosphere at Ba Deo hill, enjoy cuisine, enjoy shopping right in Sun World Ha Long!

3. QUANG NINH Museum
Surely in the minds of many people, the museum is an interesting place. But surely you will have to change your mind if you stand in front of the Museum – Quang Ninh library. Attractive at first sight, it is the black covered glass like a large mirror, the tall steps and the impressive font of the museum name that will make you unable to pull the device. out taking thousands of pictures “so deep”.
Of course, the “content” cannot be ignored – it is three floors with three different topics related to the coastal city of Ha Long: Sea and nature, history of development and spirituality, Quang coal mining industry. Ninh old and present. The large space, beautifully designed, diverse and elaborate display galleries have helped Quang Ninh Museum to score great points in the eyes of visitors back here.

Hòn Gai It is probably not a strange place for anyone who has ever visited Ha Long, but seeing the new face of a familiar city sounds very interesting, right? Hon Gai is mostly young people passionate about exploring, they come to see the sea – mountains – the city is merging into one, the waves continuously flap the shore, the winding sea poetic. It is seldom to live in moments of freedom and relaxation, high and windy, in front of a city with the beautiful name “Ha Long”.



No more worrying about being bored, going around swimming, yachting and going to the old markets like before, Ha Long now has a lot of entertainment activities, works of the century that bring new wind for the beach city. A veteran place in the tourism world seems to be about to be forgotten but has become strong, confirmed its position and is well received by many near and far tourists. Do you want to visit “New Ha Long” once?

Hopefully the useful information summarized above of Focushalong will help you have a great trip to Ha Long !!!