Travel and Ha Long motorbike rental’s experience

This figure is higher than that of Hanoi and Da Nang. The following article will give you some useful Halong Bay travel and Ha Long motorbike rental’s experiences.

Ha Long Bay is not only the most beautiful landscape in Vietnam, but it is also the most beautiful tourist attraction in the world. Ha, Long Bay was recognized by Unesco as a world natural heritage and was internationally voted as one of the seven new wonders of the world. The economic significance and potentially brought by Ha Long Bay make Quang Ninh the second largest province in the country, after Ho Chi Minh with the highest per capita income. This figure is higher than that of Hanoi and Da Nang. The following article will give you some useful Halong Bay travel and Ha Long motorbike rental’s experiences.

Ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay

How to buy tickets and how to pay for Ha Long Bay tickets is probably the title that many of you are interested in. According to Ha Long travel experience, the average ticket price is about 15 USD per person. But actually the fluctuating fare depends on the number of people on a train. Because the ship owner only charges the rental price for each train trip from 30-100 USD depending on the quality and comfort of the ship.

ha long motorbike rental

This ship rental price also depends on the duration of each trip. There are two types of trips, 4 hours and 6 hours. If you want to go with a longer time, you need to discuss the price carefully with the ship owner. If you want to buy a ticket at a cheap price, it is best to go in a group, but if you go alone, you should call the ship owner as soon as possible so they can pair the train for you. 

The cheapest fare for each pairing trip can fall to 5 USD per person and also the same for Ha Long motorbike rental for a day. Therefore, Ha Long travel experience is that if you go alone and want to rent a boat, you should go at peak times when the number of ships is high.

How to buy train tickets to visit Ha Long Bay?

Buy tickets online on Sunrise Travel

In addition to visiting the Bay by boat, there are many other means of transport that you can refer to including seaplanes, helicopters, and canoes. Currently, Sunrise Travel connects with 300 ships to visit the bay during the day and 100 ships to visit the bay at night. The advantage is that you can actively choose the time as well as the desired train price. Its drawback is that you may have to wait for the company’s staff to arrange a suitable schedule and trip for you.

ha long motorbike rental

Choosing Sunrise Travel is the Halong travel experience of many tourists. With 400 ships, we can have an average number of 2,000 passengers per day. accounted for nearly 50% of daily visitors in Ha Long Bay. You also can easily have Ha Long motorbike rental service with us. 

Famous tourist attractions of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a natural complex with extremely beautiful landscapes. Combined with the form of travel by boat, the boat on the sea gives visitors many interesting experiences. It will be a pity if you have never experienced such a trip. You should refer to the experience of traveling to Ha Long with relatives and friends and learn carefully before going.

  • Natural stone: Fighting cock island, Trong Mai island, Dinh Huong island…
  • Kayaking: small boat for 2 people, rowing by hand
  • Natural caves: Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave..
  • Natural islands: Titop island, Tuan Chau island, Co To island
  • The famous tourist destination of Ha Long Bay

ha long motorbike rental

There are many activities and places that you can visit and experience in the Bay. If you take the train for 4 to 6 hours, you may not be able to see much. The best Halong Bay travel experience can be all day and don’t forget to book a Ha Long motorbike rental service for you.

Traveling to Ha Long with Ha Long motorbike rental service

Quang Ninh International Airport is located in Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, 50 km from Ha Long city. This is a relatively new international airport in Vietnam when it was just started in 2016. Van Don International Airport currently operates routes from Quang Ninh to Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, and to Tham Quyen, China.

Traveling with Ha Long motorbike rental at the airport

From Van Don airport, you can take about 1 hour more by motorbike to Bai Chay, Tuan Chau island, Yen Tu mountain, and Ha Long bay. These are famous tourist destinations of Quang Ninh. Also from here, there are many ways for you to move into the center of Ha Long city. One of the ways is to rent a motorbike to move around.

rent a motorbike in Ha Long

After a flight, if you still don’t feel tired and want to have the opportunity to go and see the roads of Ha Long, traveling to Ha Long by motorbike at the airport may not be a bad option. is the best choice. Contact us for Ha Long motorbike rental service directly.

Rent a motorbike at your hotel

A final place that will definitely be on the list of places with the highest number of people traveling to Ha Long by motorbike is the hotels and motels where tourists stay. For many people, after a hard journey, they will need some time to rest before preparing for the journey to discover Ha Long.

ha long motorbike rental

Moving from motels, and hotels with Ha Long motorbike rental service can be inconvenient. So they can travel to Ha Long by motorbike from the hotel and other places where they stay to both save time and facilitate travel plans.

Ha Long Motorbike rental service with good quality, affordable price in the area. Besides, Kim’s Motorbike can also support you to buy train tickets, book tours to visit Ha Long Bay quickly and cheaply for you. If you need to use our services, please contact us at hotline 0987.628.336 for the best Halong travel experience.



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