What is interesting about Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour?

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour

Hoanh Bo is one of the places with a special attraction for tourists when coming to Ha Long, Quang Ninh. For tourists who love to explore nature, Hoanh Bo Quang Ninh is still a relatively new place. The unspoiled, strangely beautiful natural landscapes and the lives of ethnic minorities will help you have a more authentic feeling about a Quang Ninh that is both familiar and strange. Visitors wishing to visit Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour, refer to the article below.

About Hoanh Bo

Hoanh Bo is located in the south of Quang Ninh province, adjacent to Ha Long, Cam Pha, and Uong Bi. From Ha Long city center to Hoanh Bo about 15km. Hoanh Bo tourism attracts tourists with its wild beauty, cave system, and streams. In particular, by discovering Hoanh Bo you can also learn about the unique culture of the ethnic groups living here.

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour
Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour

You can visit Hoanh Bo at any time of the year, the most beautiful is from March to October. At this time, the weather is nice, cool, and less rainy, suitable for sightseeing and fun activities. Besides, if you come to Hoanh Bo on the occasion of Tet, you will admire the beautiful flower fields and participate in special festivals.

Admire the cave system

Hoanh Bo is famous for its unspoiled and little-known cave system. Which, it must be mentioned that Bat cave, Dong Dang cave, Ha Lung cave… In these cases, there are still traces of existence from 10,000 years ago. Note, when you plan to visit these caves, you should hire people in the area to guide you to avoid getting lost.

Dong Son Nature Reserve- Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour

The next stop that you should not miss when coming to Hoanh Bo is Dong Son nature reserve. It is a place of Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour to preserve rare plant and animal species. Visiting Dong Son, you will admire the unspoiled forests, streams, and lakes creating a beautiful picture. Let’s experience the stream, watch the clouds on the top of the mountain, and trek in the forest.

Ben Gao Rang- Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour

Ben Gao Rang is a place associated with the struggle of the nation when fighting the Southern Song army. The reason for its name is that, during the war, this place was used by the army and people to supply roasted rice food. If you are a lover and want to learn about history, this famous place is definitely not to be missed.

Explore the ethnic village

Hoanh Bo has many ethnic minorities living here, you can visit and learn about life and culture here. Experience wearing traditional costumes, participate in festivals and enjoy the special cuisine of ethnic minorities living in Hoanh Bo.

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Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour in Sunrise

See buckwheat flower- Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour

Not only has a system of caves and natural forest ecological areas, but when coming to Hoanh Bo village, you can also admire beautiful buckwheat flowers in bloom. From October to November in Quang La commune, Hoanh Bo district, buckwheat flower gardens are in full bloom attracting tourists to visit. Visiting the buckwheat flower garden, you will admire the beautiful blooming season like being in Ha Giang far away. Besides, you can also freely check in live virtual beautiful pictures.

Enjoy special dishes in Hoanh Bo

The samosaur fish: The greasy taste combined with the mild sour and sour vegetables makes the special appeal of this dish. In addition, you can also enjoy the fish dish cooked with sam which is loved by many tourists when coming to Hoanh Bo.

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour
Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour prices

Ruoc Hoanh Bo: Ruoc Hoanh Bo is famous for its characteristic crunchy and sweet taste. In particular, the most delicious is the fried rice with eggs served with steamed sticky rice or dipped in mashed crayfish sauce.

Wild buffalo meat: A specialty that many tourists love when coming to Hoanh Bo. Hoanh Bo buffalo meat is naturally raised, so the meat is very sweet and crispy. Many delicious dishes from buffalo meat you can enjoy such as Stir-fried, dipped in oil, wine sauce, and steak in a cast iron skillet.

Snails, stream fish: Snails have delicious crispy meat cooked with sour leaves or wine, with a characteristic aroma and sour taste that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, you can also enjoy crispy fried spring fish rolled in delicious guise leaves.

Hoanh Bo soaked sticky rice wine: The famous specialty of Hoanh Bo is glutinous rice soaked from forest leaves. Wine has a characteristic sweet and sour taste, good for the digestive system, so it is popular with tourists and bought as gifts.

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour package 

Suggested itinerary to visit Ha Long Hoanh Bo

7:00: Gather in Cam Pha city and move to the tourist area

9h00: Arrive at Hoanh Bo stream resort and start exploring

11h00: Go to the top of the mountain and then go down to the stream to cool off. There are not many restaurants on the mountain, so you should bring food and water to visit and eat on the top of the mountain.

14h00: Journey down the mountain and visit the wild mountain landscape

16h00: Descend to the foot of the mountain to end the tour of the Hoanh Bo tourist area.

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