Buy cheap tickets for a Ha Long Bay full day trip

Ha Long Bay full day trip

A Ha Long Bay full day trip with family or friends will make the feelings more intimate. You might be able to get a lot of tickets to Ha Long Bay at a surprising price! Join Sun Rise Travel to find out tickets, return tickets, and fares in just one “click”!

Brief information about a Ha Long Bay full day trip

To be able to move smoothly when visiting a place, natural beauty spots Ha Long Bay in particular and other tourist destinations in general. You need to own knowledge of one-way tickets or round-trip tickets. Due to the epidemic situation, the ticket price for a Ha Long Bay full day trip has also changed a lot. Here are the latest, fastest updated fares sent to you.

Ha Long Bay full day trip

Fares of Ha Long Bay tours by package route

Depending on the route, the ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay will be different. All-inclusive itinerary ticket includes a shuttle bus to and from the hotel, a tour guide, a ship ticket by route (including tickets to visit each place in the route schedule), and lunch. The ticket price for a Ha Long Bay full day trip is 20 USD/person

Private boat ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay by the route.

Route 1 journey of a Ha Long Bay full day trip from the port – Van Canh Park – Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go cave – Dog Stone island – Ba Hang fishing village – Dinh Huong island – Trong Mai island has a tour time of 4 hours. The ticket price including the return trip and return is from 100-150 USD.

Ha Long Bay full day trip

Route 2 journey from the port – Cave Park – Soi Sim beach – Titop island – Sung Sot cave – Me Cung cave – Bo Nau cave – Luon cave – Trong cave – Trinh Nu cave – Ho Dong Tien cave Visiting time is 6 hours. The round-trip fare on weekdays is 150-200 USD.  Please note that fares may change from time to time, for details of the current fare, please contact the charterer directly above.

Private boat to visit Ha Long Bay – Transfer to Tuan Chau harbor

Tuan Chau is an attractive tourist destination with foreign tourists and high-income tourists. The high-class 5-star yachts visiting the Bay mainly go from Tuan Chau port. High-income guests will hire day trips and experience the Bay overnight as well as premium service on board. Ticket prices for luxury yachts are also from 200 USD per person for such trips.

Great tips to help you book cheap ship tickets

Save on Ha Long Bay fare when choosing your travel time

Avoid booking tickets on peak days, as overcrowding tourists want to visit, too many tourists want to enjoy traveling with their families will cause overcrowding of tourist spots, a Ha Long Bay full day trip’s fare at Thomas Kim Travel will increase many times compared to normal days.

Ha Long Bay full day trip

The time from April to September is the most touristy time to visit Ha Long Bay, which is quite crowded. If you choose to travel, you will face difficulties in renting a boat because the number of passengers makes the train overloaded. If you arrive close, you will not have a boat or must pay at a much higher price.

The time from October to March next year is the time when foreign tourists come to visit the bay a lot, not the peak season for domestic tourists, so it is quite cool, you can come here to experience the romantic chill on the Bay that no season has.

Ticket prices to visit Ha Long Bay will be completely free on special days

A joy for tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay when going on special days is that the ticket price will be completely free. Special days such as 1/1, 3/2, 13-14-15/2, 27/2, 8/3, 21/4, 25/4, 30/4, 1/5, 1/6, 28/6, 9/7, 27/7, 19/8, 2/9, 1/10, 20/10, 30/10, 12/11, 20/11, 22/12 or in case of ticket holders plane to Van Don airport.

In addition, this year, due to the epidemic situation, the tourism industry has only recently resumed operations, so the fare previously priced at 290,000 hours has been halved to only 5 USD. The attractions also follow that some places also reduce ticket prices.

Some tips to save costs when traveling to Ha Long Bay

Leave space for the days before departure: give yourself a period before departure at least 1 week to search for yourself tickets, where to sell good prices, how many hours, how long the trip… Those things help you not to be embarrassed when joining the trip. Choose from early or late departure: you can choose early morning or noon departures for more comfort in travel and rest.

Ha Long Bay Tourism 1 day

Save on accommodation and travel costs when traveling in a large group, you will save a part of the cost of accommodation, transportation, eating, and visiting tourist attractions. Besides, you also enjoy many incentives, discounts, and attractive discounts when traveling in groups of many people.

Check out the boat rental rates to visit the Bay for special offers

This is not redundant, when you refer to many types of tickets to visit the Bay on different routes, the prices of a Ha Long Bay full day trip will also be different. You can find the right type of ticket, suitable for your pocket or save a lot. A total of 5 routes for you to choose from and each hour has a time ranging from 4 to 6 hours and the fare difference is only a few tens of thousand.

Ha Long Bay full day trip

If you feel good, the price is affordable and convenient, please book in advance as soon as possible, avoid the situation getting close to the new departure date, then the ticket price will be more likely to increase unexpectedly or Out of tickets early is very inevitable. In addition, when you book tickets early, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many incentives, and discounts, even up to 40-50% of the cost of the whole Ha Long Bay full day trip.

Save on Halong Bay fares from Thomas Kim Travel’s promotion

Thomas Kim Travel is one of the travel companies in Ha Long Bay that has the best Ha Long Bay full day trip’s fares on the travel market ever. In addition to giving customers the best experience with Bay tourism, this travel company also has promotions such as discount travel tickets on special days, discounts when traveling in groups, and discounts when booking combo tickets,…

In addition to saving costs as much as possible, if you are still wondering how to book tickets, buy a tour combo, or row a bamboo boat or not, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for advice and support. devoted care.



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