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Are you excited for your upcoming Quang Ninh trip? Coming to Ha Long again you are wondering what to eat delicious? So, check right now Food Tour Ha Long to see if the “specialties” offered by Focushalong make you sobbing offline

1. Seafood “luxurious”

Traveling to Quang Ninh, you cannot miss a dinner filled with fresh seafood with a different delicious flavor in the famous dining areas.

You can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes with delicious flavors such as steamed fish, fried shrimp, roasted salt surface, shrimp with sweet and sour sauce, roasted crab with tamarind, grilled shrimp, onion, snails … The price of seafood here is a little bit higher than usual, but “that is your money”, it is worth to be a “rich – kids” once.
Address suggestion: Hong Hanh restaurant chain, Golden Crab restaurant, Buffet Sen A Dong restaurant, Blue Bay restaurant …
2. “Popular” snails
Enjoying sea snails in popular restaurants with personal taste and pleasure is also a good choice when traveling to Quang Ninh. Familiar address that visitors can find is “Snail Street” Bui Thi Xuan. With familiar snail dishes such as snail, nail snail, clams, oysters or more exotic, sam, tomatoes … made into everything baked, steamed, fried pineapple tamarind …
Many tourists in Quang Ninh who eat snails here love the feeling of enjoying the outdoor atmosphere, watching the flow of people passing or rubbing in the cold to enjoy a hot dish of hot snail with the taste of sea, lemongrass, spicy flavor concentration of soy sauce, chili but the price is very reasonable.
Address suggestion: Son Beo snail at 14 Bui Thi Xuan.
3. Aromatic but greasy buttery bread
The specialty to try when traveling to Quang Ninh is now added another “must try” dish, which is baked butter bread. Type a small mouse bread, split it in half and spread it with butter according to the restaurant’s own recipe, then bake. The bread is crispy, the texture is soft, the butter and cheese melted, golden, looking attractive and eating, it feels much better.
Address suggestion: Hong Hanh seafood restaurant chain, Cua Vang restaurant
4. Squid rolls strange mouth
Hanoi has cinnamon rolls, Ha Long is famous for squid rolls. For a long time, this dish has been listed in the “must eat” list of anyone traveling in Quang Ninh.
Still the thinly wrapped tang rolls are cleverly coated and inside is minced meat with mushrooms, wood ear. But when served with fried fried spring rolls, it creates a “special” extremely special. The scent of spring rolls, shrimp paste, fried onion blends with the fresh taste of spring rolls. Especially sweet and sour dipping sauce, adding slices of chili is extremely tiny.
Address suggestion: Goc Bang restaurant, Mrs. Ngan rolls.
5. Quang Ninh Pearl Yogurt
Bubble yogurt is one of the unique snacks of young people in Ha Long. The difference of the yogurt yogurt here is the cold plastic yogurt that is stored separately with coconut milk pearl, covered with hot and greased coconut. Although eating pearl or not to mix with yogurt is also very catchy, sweet but not sweet, very pleasant.
Address suggestion: Tuan Lien yogurt – Tran Quoc Nghien street, Thu Huong yogurt – 16 Le Thanh Tong, Ms. Cuong yogurt – 29 Minh Khai, Huong Quat yogurt – 35 Minh Khai …
6. Ice cream cones childhood
A while ago, in Ha Long – the Quang Ninh museum area and Dolphins palace emerged coconut cream upside down. The cream inside is aromatic coconut milk, soft and sweet condensed milk and the outside is crispy cinnamon shell. Ice cream is the style of two pieces facing each other, exactly the same as childhood ice cream, which costs only 10 thousand VND. If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Long, you definitely have to try this unique ice cream dish.
Address suggestion: near the dolphin palace or Quang Ninh museum.
7. Going to the beach to eat … chicken frequency
Coming to Ha Long coastal city to go eat chicken frequency, it sounds strange. But the truth is the frequency chicken in Ha Long Market 1 is very delicious. Eating a few seafood dishes will be a bit tired, you can come here to make a bowl of chicken with tarragon.

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