Explore Ha Long Bay – The “extreme” sea bay of the North

Ha Long Bay

Jordan Vogt Roberts – director of this blockbuster once shared: “In my search for a place to film, I couldn’t find a place more beautiful than Vietnam”, and

is one of the three. destination chosen by him. So, what are you waiting for without planning to experience the beauty of this natural wonder for yourself?

Origin of the name Ha Long Bay

SeeHaLong Bay 4 hour in the morning was formed millions of years ago through a complex geological tectonic process. The name Ha Long Bay is associated with legendary stories bearing the imprint of the Vietnamese people. The most famous of which is the story of the process of fighting against foreign invaders at the beginning of the country’s construction.

Legend has it that in the past, the Northern invaders came by boat to invade our country, seeing that the Jade Emperor sent the Mother Dragon and her baby dragon to go to the world and help the Vietnamese fight their enemies. Dragon spits pearls and sinks enemy ships. The place where the pearl falls, forms limestone islands with different shapes.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay means in Vietnamese the dragon landed

After defeating the invaders, realizing that this land is a place where spiritual energy converges, peaceful life, industrious people, the mother dragon and her cubs decided to stay in the world. The place where the Mother Dragon landed is Ha Long Bay as it is today. The name Ha Long ie dragon descended from here.

Explore the small islands inside Ha Long Bay

Ti Top Island

Ha Long Bay – Ti Top Island is located 8 km southeast of Bai Chay. The name Ti Top did not come naturally, but according to the remaining documents, in 1962 Ho Chi Minh met a Soviet cosmonaut named Ti Top Giant on this very island. Therefore, Uncle Ho took the name Titop Island as the name of the island. Previously, Ti Top Island was very desolate and rarely visited. But now it is thrown into tourism development.

Ha Long Bay
Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island has a gentle coastline, smooth white sand beach on one side, beautiful natural scenery and idyllic space. Also, the island has beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, which makes me want to come here. The island services are also very strongly developed. Bars, swimming buoys, swimwear, freshwater baths, boat rentals, parachutes and more. During the high season, Ti Top Island receives dozens to hundreds of tourists. Ti Top Island is a not-to-be-missed destination on your SeeHalong bay 4 hour at noon discovery journey.

Co To Island

Ha Long Bay – Co To is an archipelago located to the east of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh. She has an area of ​​about 47.3 km2, a population of about 5,000 people. Previously, Koh To island was called Chan Song (Double Mountain). 

Ha Long Bay
Co To island

The people living on the island were not very rich due to piracy, but it seems that security has improved, business and livelihoods have also improved. improve. I came here to make Co To, which has a population of 50 large and small islands such as Co To con, Ba Con, Con Chien Kieng, in addition, there are two large islands, Co To con and Thanh Lan. Among the island systems, Co To island is probably the most beautiful. However, because Koh To is a military island, no one lives there.

Soi Sim

Ha Long Bay – Soi Sim is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, one of the most beautiful islands in the bay system . The island is about 700 m from The Tap island and about 12 km from Bai Chay tourist port, with an area of about 8.7 ha. This island possesses beautiful scenery, quiet space and clear blue beach, so it deserves to be an attractive place to visit when visiting Ha Long Bay. For those who want to visit Soi Sim island, they can buy tickets at Bai Chai service port or rent a private boat to the island.

Ha Long Bay
Soi sim

Ngoc Vung Island

Ha Long Bay – Ngoc Vung Island is located between two small islands, Hon Net Island and Phuong Hoang Island. This is a small, unspoiled island in Van Don district, far from the mainland. Previously, Ngoc Bun island was not known to many people. However, in recent years, tourists have started coming here. Ngoc Bung Island has oceans, lakes, rivers, deltas, harbors and more. This place is like a small village in the middle of a big island. Not many people live here, only about 1000 people, but they are very friendly and helpful. If you come to Ngok Bung, you can stay in the form of a “homestay” like some Western tours. Visitors can rent bicycles, borrow cars from locals or catch a tuk-tuk to visit the island.

Ha Long Bay
Ngoc Vung Island

Hon Bo Island – Paradise island in the bay

Ha Long Bay – Hon Bo Island is also the name many people mention when they come to SeeHaLong bay 6 hour. Bohon Island is the birthplace of many famous caves. Song Sot Cave, Luong Cave, Chin Nu Cave, Trong Cave, Dong Tien Lake, etc. on Bo Hong Island. There are many mountains with precipitous cliffs. Vast walls, the plants here are also very rich, with many rare species such as si, immortal, and orchids. Monkeys, deer, chamois… Everyone who has been there once wants to come again to see the beauty of a true wonder of the world

Ha Long Bay
Hon Bo Island

If you have the opportunity, admire these beautiful islands. Surely you will feel the meaning of life. For more information, check out everything you need to know before traveling to Ha Long Bay. Contact us if you need any vehicle assistance. 

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