What is interesting in Cua Van fishing village tour?

Cua Van fishing village tour

Cua Van fishing village not only preserves the long-standing traditional culture of local people. It is also a place for visitors to freely experience the actual fishing activities with the people, to immerse themselves in the peaceful life of the river, to struggle with the people’s daily living. Let’s discover more interesting things in this Cua Van fishing village tour.

Introduction to Cua Van fishing village tour

Cua Van fishing village is located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, about 20km from the nearest Ha Long Bay tourist pier. The village is located in the calm sea of Ha Long Bay, behind each temporary house is the Va Gia rocky mountain range – an ideal location for many boats to anchor. Cua Van fishing village is far from the center, but not close to the shore, so it still retains its wild and lyrical features with cool fresh air.

Cua Van fishing village tour
Cua Van fishing village tour

A special feature of this village is that small houses of about 30m2 are built – the residence of fishermen here. Each house is very small, with the same striking colors that make this place so special, attracting many curious tourists to visit each year.

When visiting Cua Van Ha Long fishing village, you will feel extremely surprised by the beauty and life here. There is a wild beauty full of ancient, the charm of the houses built at the foot of the mountain, life imbued with the traditional culture of the sea. One of the most famous travel magazines in the world – Journeyetc.com voted Cua Van as one of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world in 2012.

Not only stopping there, the beauty of this village also has the presence of the poetic and charming natural scenery of Ha Long Bay. There is no traffic here, only the oars of small boats or the echoing calls of fishermen.

Going to Cua Van fishing village, you will witness the life of more than 300 households living, in front of each house there will be a boat or boat parked. The houses are floating on the river, extremely simple, but they have fought the harsh life of the sea. The people of the fishing village are quite friendly, everyone is very happy and welcoming when tourists visit

Experience activities in the fishing village

In the itinerary of Cua Van fishing village tour, do not forget to enjoy the famous Quang Ninh specialties here. The seafood specialties will be caught and sold within the same day, so they are very delicious and fresh. In addition, you can also immerse yourself in the life of the people in the fishing village by experiencing night fishing. The fish and squid caught and processed by your own hands will be an unforgettable memory to this ancient village.

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Cua Van fishing village tour in Sunrise

In Cua Van fishing village, late afternoon to evening is the busiest time, this is the time when people will return to their homes after a working day. At that time, you can row a boat and stroll through the fishing village to admire the life of the people here. The traditional songs are resounded with the cool fresh air, watching the sunset and breathing in the fresh air will make your soul relax, all worries disappear.

In addition, in a Cua Van fishing village tour, there is Cua Van Floating Cultural Center – this is one of the cultural activities, where traditional activities take place, where tourists and fishermen interact. Coming here, you will learn and admire many historical artifacts of the coastal people from ancient times; Review documentary films that faithfully recreate the hard-working and hard-working lives of the people here for a long time.

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