The latest charter price to visit Ha Long Bay

1.General introduction about the ship visiting the bay:

Cruise to Ha Long Bay, visitors will admire the system of more than 3000 large and small islands undulating on the blue sea. Tourists will feel like they are lost in a fairytale world, intrigued by the quiet, peaceful space of heaven – earth – sea. To enjoy that beautiful view, one of the means you should choose is a day cruise ship.

The ship visiting the bay is a wooden boat, designed and built in the traditional style, with sails. The vessel has a capacity of 30,40,48 to 100 seats, the vessel is designed with basically 2 floors, the first floor is a dining room, spacious and airy living room, which can see the whole Ha Long Bay right after eating. . The bar sells drinks from soft drinks to wines, usually 2 times the price of land. There are karaoke bars that serve the arts all day.

 2. Routes to visit Ha Long Bay during the day:

Currently, there are 5 routes and following scheduled routes, routes controlled by Ha Long Bay Management Board as follows:

Route 1: Port – Thien Cung cave – Dau Go cave – Stone Dog – Dinh Huong island – Trong Mai (Ga Choi) rocks. (4 hours)

Route 2: Ship port –– Ti Top island – Sung Sot cave – Luon cave (6 hours)

Route 3: Harbor – Thien Cung cave – Dau Go cave – Sung stun cave – Luon cave – Soi Sim island (hours 7 – 8)

Short trips of 4-6 hours only go through the most prominent but time-saving, suitable for families with the elderly and young children to avoid getting tired when taking the train for too long.

3. Price list to visit the latest Ha Long Bay: (excluding VND 290,000 tickets to visit the bay, eat and drink)

There are 5 routes to visit Ha Long Bay by boat for tourists to choose, with a time of 4-6 hours. You can refer to the detailed schedule of each tour below, choose yourself an appropriate route when buying tickets.

Another note is that if you are traveling with families with elderly and young children, it is advisable to choose routes with short time. At the same time, the price below is only the ticket to visit Ha Long Bay to submit to the state. To visit the bay, you need to buy a tour to visit Ha Long Bay by the routes:

Sightseeing route

Tuyến tham quan

Reference price

(vnđ/ customer)

Route 1

Ship port – Thien Cung cave – Dau Go cave – Stone Dog island – Dinh Huong island – Trong Mai island (Ga Choi)

Time to visit about 4 hours.

150.000 vnđ

Route 2

Ship port – island Ti Top – Sung Sot cave – Luon cave Time to visit about 6 hours.

200.000 vnđ

Route 3

Ship port – Thien Cung cave – Dau Go cave – Surprising cave – Luon cave – Soi Sim island

Time to visit about 7-8 hours.

350.000 vnđ

You can choose early morning or afternoon trips to be more comfortable in travel and rest. High days: Saturdays, Sundays, festivals, summer, retail fares remain the same. The most prestigious place to buy tickets is Tuan Chau international passenger ship terminal. In addition, if you want to book a package tour including transportation, scheduled program and boarding, the price is only 750,000 VND / person. Please contact Focushalong immediately at Hotline 0915830668.

NOTE: If you rent a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay, you need to buy a ticket to Tuan Chau port, visit tickets, tourist attractions in Halong Bay (290,000 VND / person), these are compulsory tickets if you Want to visit Ha Long Bay: including VND 250,000 for tickets on the water surface, ticket for attractions of the route, and VND 40,000 for entrance fees to Tuan Chau port): From April 1, 2017, Ha Long Bay management board will collect fees for the whole route, not for each attraction as before, so the cost of visiting Ha Long Bay increased and the number of attractions per route also increased. The popular sightseeing routes that many travelers choose are Line 1 and Line 2 below, if you want to visit other places, you must buy tickets to visit the route where the sights are located.

Hopefully the above useful information will help you have the best experience before chartering a boat to visit Ha Long Bay. Because the train ticket price varies according to the season, you should contact and book with Focushalong at Hotline 0915830668 to ensure you can book the perfect Halong tour.

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