The price list of Halong cruises is on sale

Focushalong is a travel company with more than 10 years of experience specializing in providing and organizing Ha Long tours, 4-5-star cruises, combined tours of seminars, conferences, and garages. and update the promotional cruises to introduce to you to bring the most value to customers. Focushalong is proud to bring customers the best service.

1.Why should you sleep on a bay at night:

Are you fed up with travel trips that follow a year-round framework and want something new? Focushalong will help you answer this question with only one answer – traveling to Ha Long by boat. With the following 3 reasons will be the evidence for that:

– A “trend” of new resort tourism: Ha Long tourism by yacht is a form of resort tourism on “5-star hotels”. It will be a vacation completely separate from the mainland. And is the trend of many domestic tourists towards.

– Experience the life on the sea: Imagine you will have 2-3 days totally floating in the ocean, all eating, sleeping – playing activities take place on a luxury boat like a hotel 5 stars.

– A place for special anniversaries: It can be a honeymoon for couples, the anniversary of 10-20-30 years of wedding, a gift for children to send to their parents to express their affection , or when you want yourself and that person to go on a special trip to refresh yourself …

2. General introduction about yachts:

There are 2 popular types of yachts in Ha Long for you to choose:

– Wooden ships: This type takes the dominant wood material, designed in the classic style that highlights the Eastern culture, creating a sense of intimacy, closeness and warmth. Representing this line are the 3-star and 4-star yachts

– Iron train: is a ship that uses iron shell design to bring modern style, monumental and firm. This type is usually a 4-star and 5-star yacht

3.Price list reference overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay:

Name of yacht

Star rating

A ship

Reference price

Cozy Bay Cruise


Iron train


Yacht Royal Palace


Wooden ship


Yacht Huong Hai


Iron train


Yacht Margaret


Iron train


Yacht Scarlet Pearl


High quality iron train


Above is the most detailed information compiled by Focushalong about overnight cruises on Ha Long Bay, you can find out more about the contact information for booking services and consulting via Focushalong’s website or contact Directly on the Hotline 0915830668 for the most detailed advice.

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