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Bai Tu Long Bay tour

Ha Long Bay has the attraction of diverse landscapes and interesting tourist experiences, while Bai Tu Long Bay is wild and hidden many more secrets. The majestic wide mountain ranges and beautiful large archipelagos in Bai Tu Long make visitors feel like they are lost in a world that is both real and strange. Let’s explore the attraction of the Bai Tu Long Bay tour below.

Choose a hotel to rest or book a Bai Tu Long Bay tour on the sea

Choosing a resort cruise on the sea will give visitors a memorable experience many times more than booking a hotel and resting on land. At night, you can just watch the vast bay, the mysterious moonlight, and the melodious sound of the waves on the side of the boat. Or you can just feel the immense blue of the ocean mixed with the immense blue of the sky and the earth and the endless blue of the limestone rocks skillfully carved on the sea surface.

Signature Royal Cruise- Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise

Topping the list is Signature Royal – Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise ( Bai Tu Long Bay tour) has the best quality on-board restaurant that you can’t miss. When experiencing the service here, you will enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from Asian to very attractive. Especially if you like fresh seafood dishes, this place is like a seafood paradise for you to choose from.

Bai Tu Long Bay tour
Bai Tu Long Bay tour

In addition, the space at the yacht is also very delicately designed according to modern architecture combined with traditional Asian style to bring a unique and interesting feeling but still familiar. Not only the exterior, but the interior of the yacht is still very new and modern, come here and experience the feeling on this unique cruise!

La Regina Royal Cruise – modern and luxurious design

Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise La Regina Royal is known as one of the most modern and luxurious designed ships. The outer steel shell of the ship is bent into delicate lines, and the interior is decorated with luxuriously carved wood. In addition, you can move to the deck – the most beautiful place on the yacht to check in to keep memories.

Athena Cruise- quality service and comfort

If you are looking for a quality Bai Tu Long Bay cruise at an affordable price, you cannot ignore Athena Cruise. The yacht has a full range of services such as a luxurious bar, a relaxing sauna, and a quality restaurant for you to enjoy. Moreover, the staff here is very professional and friendly, ensuring that you will have a feeling of satisfaction and comfort every time you come to Athena. Do not hesitate to come and experience the great service here!

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise- an outstanding Bai Tu Long Bay tour

Referring to the most outstanding and quality Bai Tu Long Bay cruises, it is impossible not to mention Huong Hai Sealife – a yacht with 5-star service. When you come here, you can experience the feeling of luxury when bathing in the Jaccuzzi and sipping a little wine at sunset. When you want to relax, you can use a high-quality rejuvenating massage service right on the boat.

inter provincial Ha Long Bay itinerary
Bai Tu Long Bay tour in Sunrise

Huong Hai Sealife ( a Bai Tu Long Bay tour) is a large yacht with spacious space containing up to 27 luxurious rooms, a large bar, and a restaurant. With such a spacious space, visitors will have the most private and comfortable moments, without having to feel the hustle and bustle. Let’s visit Huong Hai Sealife to experience and leave honest reviews right below this article!

Renea Cruise- a Bai Tu Long Bay tour

Bai Tu Long Renea Bay Cruise (a Bai Tu Long Bay tour) has a very unique design because most of the interior space in the yacht is used wood material to bring a feeling of luxury and comfort. This will be a perfect stop for those who love classic and sophisticated style.

morning 4 star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day
Bai Tu Long Bay tour prices

In addition, the service at Renea yacht also received many good reviews from customers who have experienced the service here. If you have children with you, you will receive very attractive incentives. In addition, what impresses visitors when coming here is the delicious and quality u-style breakfast buffet. Let’s stop by Renea Cruise to experience it right away!

Itinerary to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Schedule to visit Bai Tu Long Bay, you will discover Bai Tu Long National Park and Cong Dam fishing village.

Bai Tu Long National Park is a national-level biosphere reserve with an extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. At this Ha Long tourist destination, you will have the opportunity to admire the amazing and unspoiled beauty of islands such as Ba Mun, Tra Ngo Lon, Sau Nam, Dong Ma, … interspersed with each other. .

There are limestone mountains surrounding large valleys forming valleys that create rich habitats of many different types of flora and fauna. The highlight is the cave of Bat Cave located in Cat Lim area of Tra Ngo island. In addition, if you have more time, you should visit the villages of the Tay, Red Dao, and San Diu people who are currently living on these islands, the villagers are very friendly and hospitable.

Cong Dam fishing village is a great place for you to experience the pace of life of Northern fishermen and learn about traditional culture, listen to fascinating legends about the sea You will have the opportunity to fish Join the fishermen and talk to the people in Cai Dam fishing village or sit on the bamboo boats by the pretty girl waving the oars to take you to explore the beautiful little houses, the soaring mountains and the wonders of the world. 

Book a Bai Tu Long Bay Tour at Sunrise

If you want to learn about Bai Tu Long Bay tour, please contact Sunrise at hotline 0987 628 336 – 0838 886 816 to receive promotional information and preferential programs from the company. . 

Sunrise is one of the leading local travel brands in providing tour ticket services for tourists in the area along with a variety of travel support services from Ha Long motorbike rental to booking service. Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, and hotel reservations in Ha Long are extremely convenient and fast.


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