What makes the attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours to tourists?

Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours

Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours are gradually becoming an indispensable tourism product for domestic and foreign tourists and have also been a popular tourism trend in recent years. It is expected that Halong Bay tours from 3 stars will become more and more popular and become more tourists’ choices in the future.

The prices of attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours are cheap but the quality are guaranteed

Among Halong Bay cruises from 3 stars to 6 stars, the 3-star cruise tour is the most affordable and cost-effective tour because its average tour price falls in the range of around 2 million. Meanwhile, the quality of the room is guaranteed as well as accompanied by more high-end resort values compared to the train tours with a value of only a few hundred thousand. People’s living standards are being improved and further enhanced due to different economic development conditions in the country. The need to relax with a better travel experience is increasing day by day, making attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours become more and more popular products.

morning 4 star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day
Morning 3 star Halong Bay Tour

The purpose of tourists when participating in cruise tourism is to experience the best resort and travel activities at the most affordable prices. Meanwhile, the attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours best meet this demand of customers. 

Although cheap boat tours help tourists save costs, the experience activities on the boat do not really meet the needs of tourists, not to mention the inconvenience caused by the lack of living conditions, and activities or entertainment on board. And also reduces the motivation and satisfaction of tourists when visiting the Bay.

The tour schedule is diverse and there are many travel experiences on board

The tour schedule in 3-star ships is much more diverse than the fixed schedule in common. Each cruise is designed according to its own sightseeing schedule, so when you choose a yacht, you should carefully refer to the travel schedule of the boats to optimize your travel experience. Especially for tourists who have visited Ha Long Bay many times with different Bay tours. You may consider attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours.

In addition, a variety of travel experiences on board include diverse buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner with delicious food, enjoying food and sunbathing, bathing in the outdoor swimming pool, etc. There are tour guides in both Vietnamese and English. The quality of service experience on board will affect 90% of the overall travel experience of tourists. For tourists who experience the service of a 3-star ship and regular ship, they will definitely want to travel again in an attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours instead of choosing a cheaper cruise but the travel experience is also less attractive to go.

The number of 3-star ships is not less than that of 4-star and 5-star ships

Currently, the total number of 3-star yachts on the Bay according to local authorities statistics is about 200 hundred ships, in which the average number of tourists per ship is from 50 to 100 guests. The maximum traffic to serve during peak hours is in the range of several thousand people. The number to meet the needs of yachts with the average number of tourists visiting Ha Long Bay on a day of about 20,000-30,000 is still very small.

afternoon 4 star Halong Bay tours
Afternoon star Halong Bay Tours

Therefore, running out of tickets of attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours in the tourist season is certainly inevitable. Only local travel agencies that have a good relationship with cruise ship owners in the Bay can assist tourists in booking the best sightseeing spots. Otherwise, visitors are even required to go on cheap regular boat tours even if they don’t want to. Or have to book 4- or 5-star yacht seats at a cost that is more expensive than your budget plan to spend. Therefore, attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours are the best choices for toursits.

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Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours
Halong Bay Tours for 1 day

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