Discover ticket prices for 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour

6 hour Ha Long Bay Tour

Are you planning 6 hour Ha Long Bay Tour with your family or friends this year? Finding out, arranging is too difficult for the first time arriving in Ha Long because of issues such as the price of the ticket to visit Ha Long Bay, what the service is like, and whether or not you have enough to pay the odd expenses. We will help you have the most accurate information in hand.

Popular 6 hour Ha Long Bay tours

Depending on the wishes and preferences of visitors, tours appear to bring the best experiences. The benefit of buying tickets for 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour is that you can have moments of detailed and thorough exploration of each location under the guidance and protection of the travel company.

6 hour Ha Long Bay tours

Discover the price of tickets to visit Ha Long Bay

In addition to tours that cater to each visitor’s needs, 6 hour Ha Long Bay tours are also divided into different categories. The route includes time to admire the Bay from 5 to 6 hours, and ticket price from 10 USD per person (fare does not include food and drink and an additional 2 USD surcharge for guests). boat ticket/kayaking, tour guide).

Private charter boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay

If you are looking for a spacious and comfortable ship to experience the trip, this is probably a good choice for your budget but still suitable for your wishes. Unlike the combined train ticket, the charter train is divided into the low season and high season.

6 hour Ha Long Bay tours

The low tourist season falls between October and April: Weekdays will cost 25 USD / hour. Two days Saturday and Sunday have a higher price: 30 USD / hour

You can also refer to the 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour package on the VIP yacht including the following services: iron train, fan, air conditioner, and karaoke for visitors: 250 USD/ (6-hour route).

The separate menu served on board: steamed shrimp, fried squid with garlic, fish with soy sauce, a jellyfish salad with pig’s ear, beans or eggs, braised or roasted fish, sour soup, fried vegetables, steamed rice, fruits,. .. for only 5 USD for 1 meal

Notes when booking tickets online at travel agency websites

Buying tickets of 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour directly at the big port is quite simple and easy when you need to ask for some necessary information, but booking tickets online encounters quite a lot of difficulties such as finding a reputable place, and the price. tickets are higher than normal,…

Pay special attention to the brands of tour operators

Ha Noi Ha Long Tour 3 days 2 nights

Spending a little time to learn the information of the travel agency brands will bring you advantages when booking tickets of 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour and avoid the risk of loss of money that may occur. Many tourists have been swept away by the attractive offers and promotions that travel companies advertise and offer without hesitation to decide to book tickets for fear of losing the opportunity.

Pay attention to the programs and fees included in 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour

Tourists often prefer to travel by tour because it is convenient and comfortable, no need to care much about air tickets, hotel rooms, or means of transportation. However, you should also check the travel schedule so that you do not have to miss any places, in some cases travel agencies may cut off your places and other benefits.

Usually, in tours of reputable travel agencies in Ha Long Bay such as Ha Long Bay Tourism Company Vietnam, there will be complete information including included and excluded costs. Children’s books, conditions,… Don’t just focus on the included costs but ignore the non-inclusive costs because there is a chance that you will have expenses incurred during your Halong Bay trip.

6 hour Ha Long Bay tours

Therefore, you should read carefully the information about 6 hour Ha Long Bay tour on the website and if it really suits your budget, then make a reservation and make payment.

Find out the departure date before booking tickets to Ha Long Bay

Before the offers, and advertising of tourist tickets, 6 hour Ha Long Bay tours are surprisingly cheap, do not rush to book tickets without checking the departure date. Usually, on festival days, favorable times for travel such as climate, travel fares can hardly be cheap because the costs of ships and boats are higher than usual.

Therefore, if the price of Ha Long tours is much cheaper, it is likely that your trip will depart during the rainy season, and the climate is not favorable to travel.

Pay attention to the comments from customers who have ordered

When you want to buy tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, the first thing you should do is monitor the comments section, reading comments from visitors who have visited, .. of each tour sold at the company or on the online platform. There you will find out for yourself the most suitable ticket and tour options for yourself from the initial information.

Book tickets to visit the prestigious Ha Long Bay at Thomas Kim Travel Company

Currently, there are dozens of websites of travel companies that advertise preferential policies when booking tickets to visit Ha Long Bay. If you first set foot in Ha Long Bay, do not have the experience of booking tickets, or travel experience, and do not know which form of travel is reasonable, then Thomas Kim Travel is the right choice for you!

6 hour Ha Long Bay Tour

With preferential policies and promotions, Thomas Kim Travel is known as one of the largest travel agencies in Ha Long Bay, bringing you great experiences during your trip. . Contact us now for a consultation!

Schedule of the morning 6 hour tour

  • 8h00-8h30: Car picks you up at your hotel in Bai Chay area.
  • 8h40: A bus takes you to Ha Long international port and procedures for boarding.
  • 9h15-9h30: A Cruise departs to visit Ha Long Bay – one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
  • 10:00: Visit Ga Choi Islet – the symbol of Quang Ninh tourism.
  • 10h20: Visit Finger Island – Swan Island
  • 11h00: Visit Sung Sot cave – One of the largest caves of Ha Long Bay.
  • 12h00: Have lunch on board (6 guests/table)
  • 12h45: You visit Luon Cave by kayak or bamboo boat to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by yourself.
  • 13h50: You stop at Titop beach – Where you can participate in swimming or climbing to the top of the mountain to take panoramic photos of Ha Long Bay.
  • 14h40: You board the boat back to the port.
  • 15h30 – 15h45: A Cruise arrives at Ha Long international port.
  • 16h00: A bus takes you back to the hotel.
  • Note: The 6am Ha Long Bay Tour only picks up guests at hotels in Bai Chay area. Do not welcome guests at Hon Gai or Tuan Chau.

Schedule of the afternoon 6 hour tour

  • 11h00-11h30: The guide and driver pick you up at your hotel in the Bai Chay area.
    11:30: Arriving at Ha Long international ship port, the guide will carry out procedures to apply for a departure order and issue tickets to visit Ha Long Bay for you.
    12h00-12h30: The boat departs to visit Ha Long Bay – one of the world’s seven natural wonders.
    12h30: After the ship disembarks, you will have lunch on board (6 guests/table).
    13h35: Visit Hon Trong Mai – The symbol of Ha Long tourism. Visitors will be able to admire and film, and take souvenir photos of The kissing cocks/
  • 13h50: The boat will take you through the area of Finger Island – A small island rising from the sea in the shape of a giant finger and visit Swan Island.
    14h30: Arrive at Sung Sot cave, guide and tourists will transfer the boat to visit and explore Sung Sot Cave – One of the largest caves of Ha Long Bay. Because the cave is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, visitors do not need to wear many coats, just bring the necessary equipment and supplies such as phones and cameras to take photos and videos.
    15h20: You visit, and explore Luon Cave, here you have two options: One is to kayak by yourself with 2 people/boat. The second is sitting on a bamboo boat (there are people rowing separately, each boat carrying about 8-12 people) to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay.
  • 16h20: After experiencing kayaking by yourself or sitting on a bamboo boat admire the scenery at Luon Cave. You board the boat to visit Ti Top Island, where you can participate in swimming or climbing to the top of the mountain (passing more than 400 steep stone steps). On the top of the mountain, there is an observatory, you can take pictures and enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above.
    17h20: After about an hour of sightseeing on Ti Top Island, you move the island to the ship to return to the port.
    18h30-18h45: Around this time, the ship arrives at Ha Long international port. End of the tour schedule



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