Details of the schedule of 6 hour 4 star Halong bay tours

6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours

The 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours are receiving the attention of many tourists when coming to Ha Long. To assist visitors with more specific schedule information, please refer to the article below.

Summary of 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours

Halong Bay 4-star cruise all have their own colors and each has its own highlight to attract customers. Below is a summary of 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours

6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours
6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours

4-star Paloma Cruise: Paloma Cruise is rated in the top of the best 4-star quality cruises currently on the waters of Ha Long Bay. The total number of cabins that the yacht has is 22 rooms designed with architectural features imbued with mysterious oriental culture, bringing a unique impression and feeling to visitors.

4-star Emeraude Cruise: Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long’s extremely haughty and attractive sea with memorable experiences for visitors. The tour schedule of the ship includes Bright Cave, Dark Cave, and other interesting tourist experiences such as kayaking, swimming, cooking classes, Taichi, cycling … make visitors extremely excited. 

Indochina Sails (one of 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours) is one of the earliest cruise lines in HaLong Bay. Guests will have moments of relaxation to fully enjoy to immerse themselves in the wonderful natural scenery. Enjoy the sandy beaches stretching like a crescent moon adorning the successive undulating limestone mountains.

Paradise Sails 4-star Cruise: Paradise Sail is like a small cruise where the natural beauties blend into the sophistication, and elegance of the yacht’s amenities or the warm and friendly reception of the people. The service will definitely make visitors feel more about the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

4-star Syrena Cruise: Syrena Cruise is designed with 4 stars with a total of 34 extremely luxurious and sophisticated cabins that will take you to explore the enchanting landscape of Ha Long Bay. Each journey brings perfection to the visitor’s travel experience, the unique cuisine of the region in the majestic and poetic scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Garden Bay Cruise: (one of 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours). The yacht has 11 rooms with a capacity of 25 guests, giving visitors new sightseeing experiences on the Bay. Young, enthusiastic staff and fresh seafood dishes with attractive special recipes.

4-star Viola Cruise: with a total of 16 comfortable and modern rooms, Viola promises to bring visitors attractive travel experiences at sea. The room design is airy, spacious, and polite, with high-class wooden floors and a separate entertainment and entertainment system on board.

morning 4 star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day
4 star Halong Bay tours

4-star Grayline Cruise: 4-star Grayline Cruise has a very special design that stands out on the dark blue background of Ha Long sea. The design includes 14 luxurious bedrooms with wide and airy windows. Some VIP rooms have a private balcony. The system of restaurants, bars, and spacious terraces with modern and luxurious equipment creates an extremely harmonious overall design in order to bring the most comfortable and relaxing moments for visitors.

4-star Bhaya Cruise: It is a very famous cruise in Ha Long Bay with traditional style with 20 cabins equipped with the most modern amenities. Each cabin on the ship is neatly arranged, and spacious, the interior is arranged in wood, so it creates a warm and close feeling for visitors. High-quality soft mattress brings the most comfortable hours for guests.

Aclass Opera Cruise: Aclass yacht (one of 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours) is designed in the traditional oriental style with soft and flexible lines as if gently surfing on the sea. The wooden yacht has 20 rooms of 4-star standard, with a restaurant serving dishes from Europe to Asia, a sun terrace, a 24-hour bar system.

Detailed itinerary of the 6-hour Bay tour

The 6-hour Bay tour schedule includes 2 routes: a morning route and an afternoon route.

Ha Long Bay tour 6 hours in the morning

7h30-8h00: pick up guests at hotels in Bai Chay area.

8h15 pick up guests at Ha Long international cruise ship terminal (near Sunworld park, next to the queen cable car pole)

8:45 am: The boat takes tourists through the most famous spots of Ha Long Bay such as the kissing rock, Dinh Hương Islet, Cho Da Islet

10:00: The boat takes you to visit Sung Sot cave, one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay.

11:30: You return to the ship, prepare lunch and rest on board.

13h00: The boat takes you to Titop island, you are free to swim, play, visit, and take photos..

14h30: It takes you to visit 3 caves fishing village, one of the ancient fishing villages in Halong Bay.

15:30: Return to the ship to return to Ha Long port, and end the 6 hour Halong Bay tour.

afternoon 4 star Halong Bay tours
Afternoon Halong Bay tours

Ha Long Bay tour 6 hours in the afternoon

11h30-12h00: The tour picks you up at your hotel in Bai Chay area.

12h10: It takes you to Ha Long international port and procedures to board.

13h00: Have lunch on board (Meet 6 guests/table)

13h35: Visit Ga Choi Islet – the symbol of Quang Ninh tourism.

13h50: Visit Finger Islet – Swan Long Islet

14h30: Visit Sung Sot cave – One of the largest caves of Ha Long Bay.

15h20: You visit Luon Cave by kayak

16h20: You visit Titop beach – Where you can participate in swimming or climbing to the top of the mountain to take panoramic photos of Ha Long Bay.

17h10: You return to the ship to return to the port.

18h20-18h45: The boat takes you back to Ha Long international port.

19h00: You get in the car to return to the hotel, end 6 hour 4 star Halong Bay tours

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