Review of the top 5 star cruises to visit the Bay for a luxurious and classy day

5-star cruises to visit Halong Bay

One of the interesting highlights that visitors will be eager to know is how different is the quality and service of the 5 star cruises to visit the Bay for a day. Which 5-star train tour should I choose? The following article will help you better understand about the 5-star yachts operating in the Bay and help you choose a cruise tour that suits your needs best.

President Cruise (Ambassador) Ha Long – 5 star cruise to visit the Bay on a luxurious day

President Ha Long Cruise (one of 5 star cruises to visit the Bay ) is likened to a sparkling and luxurious white hotel in the vast blue bay of Ha Long. Owning a modern design with a variety of entertainment function rooms including rooms, sundeck, restaurant, spa, and elevator system to meet the optimal mobility needs of passengers. The yacht has 46 rooms with an area of ​​30m2 each and has 5 different corresponding room classes.

5-star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day
5-star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day

President Cruises Ha Long with 5-star quality

With Ambassador or Premier room types, Treasury Suites and Cabinet rooms are designed with luxurious style, optimizing space with the highlight of external balconies and private bathtubs. The most special is the Presidential Suite, which is like a real penthouse with an area of ​​up to 130 m2, located on the top deck of the yacht. The Presidential Suite room class also has a private butler service, a private balcony with a super-wide area, a bar with more than 20 imported wines, and a luxurious dining table with attentive in-room service…

In addition, President Ha Long cruise also possesses its own outstanding advantages:

Spacious outdoor swimming pool and private spa area

Enjoy the beautiful scenery between the 2 wonders of the sundeck

Comfortable, impressive room design

Experience fine dining designed by a 5-star chef

Margaret Ha Long Cruise- one of 5 star cruises to visit the Bay

Margaret Cruise launched in 2018, has a size of 45.5x10m and can accommodate 48 people. and 25 comfortable and modern rooms. Each room has an area of 22-25m2. Margaret’s yacht is considered to have a design style that blends modern and classic. Most tourists are impressed with the quality of amenities as well as resort services on board. Asian cuisine is prepared with premium recipes. Professionally trained staff, butler, spa, massage, and wellness services are available on board. Diverse entertainment activities on board including watching movies, playing live music, and squid fishing … give visitors interesting and unforgettable travel experiences on the sea.

Dynasty Cruise Halong

Dynasty Cruise is one of the newest 5-star yachts in Ha Long Bay when it was launched in 201. The yacht is nearly 65m long and has 22 rooms with a capacity of 60 people, also divided into many different rooms. Inside each room is fully equipped with optimal and modern furniture including beds, desks and chairs, wardrobes, relaxing chairs, and high-quality natural wood floors. The boat has 4 floors and is equipped with artificial grass on the top floor for a unique outdoor experience. Besides, diverse dining, spa, and entertainment services promise to bring visitors a memorable tour.

5-star cruises to visit the Bay
the best 5-star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day

Alisa Cruise Halong

Alisa yacht has the familiar name of the princesses in European fairy tales and this creates a special bond with foreign tourists. Alisa Cruise owns 21 luxurious rooms with modern designs creating a high-class resort space for visitors. Rooms have modern luxurious furniture with balconies, and wide views to watch the sea as well as catch the warm sun during the day and see the stars at night. The resort rooms at Alisa are fully provided with necessary and meticulous items right from the teapot, hair dryer, lifebuoy, and medical medicine cabinet… to ensure the most convenience and comfort for guests. tourists during the journey. Alisa offers guests a wonderful vacation on the Bay with a 5-star level.

Starlight Halong Cruise- one of the best 5 star cruises to visit the Bay

Among the luxury 5-star yachts in Ha Long Bay, Starlight is the one that has been present for longer since 2013 to serve domestic and foreign tourists. However, that is not why Starlight is inferior to newer yachts later, Startlight’s designs are modern inside and out, 5-star standard, luxurious yacht design, polite and bold. The western style gives visitors the most comfortable and classy travel experience.

If you want to learn about 5 star cruises to visit the Bay, please contact Sunrise at hotline 0987 628 336 – 0838 886 816 to receive promotional information and other programs.

5-star cruises to visit Halong Bay
5-star Halong Bay Tour for 1 day in Sunrise

Sunrise is one of the leading local travel brands in providing tour ticket services for tourists in the area along with a variety of travel support services from Ha Long motorbike rental to booking service. Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, and hotel reservations in Ha Long are extremely convenient and fast.

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