Explore 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour

4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour

Lan Ha Bay is a beautiful landscape right next to Ha Long Bay. In terms of biodiversity and unique natural landscapes, the 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour has its mark. The most famous point that tourists will often visit on Lan Ha Bay tour is Luon cave with its unique landscape terrain, making a strong impression on visitors. Besides, other famous landmarks such as Cat Ba Island, Nam Cat Island, Monkey Island and other famous landmarks of Vinh Lan Ha all bring interesting experiences for visitors when coming here.

4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour itinerary 

Lan Ha Bay tour schedule 4 hours can go in the morning or afternoon.

08h00-8h30 (12h45-13h00): It will pick you up at hotels in the central area of Cat Ba town. Please be ready before your appointment time.

08h30 – 09h00 (13h00-13h30): Visit Cai Beo fishing village

4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour
4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour

Coming to Cai Beo fishing village, you have the opportunity to admire the most complete picture of the life and culture of a “village on the sea”. Cai Beo is considered the oldest and largest marine culture museum in Vietnam currently with more than 400 households living.

09h00 – 10h15 (13h30 – 15h00): Explore 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour

Lan Ha Bay with more than 130 natural sandy beaches and 388 large and small limestone islands covered with rich vegetation, has long become a destination that attracts many domestic and international tourists.

On the way to discover Lan Ha Bay. You will be immersed in the gentle sunset sun and fragrant sea breezes, enjoy a glass of fruit juice with bold Cat Ba flavor and melodious music are served at the bar. Lan Ha boat.

Cruise stops at Lan Ha Bay Center – here, you can participate in kayaking and taking photos.

10h15 – 10h45 (15h00-15h45): The cruise stops at Thap Leaning beach (or Castaway island), you will be fascinated by the beauty of a white sand beach and bungalows designed entirely of wood. bamboo, palm leaves and environmentally friendly materials – Leaning tower island received the Asian design award for architecture in 2019. You are free to play, take photos and swim here.

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4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour in Sunrise

10:45 – 11:30 (15:45 – 16:30): Light party of 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour

Let’s enjoy the best moment of the day with melodious music, glasses of juice, fresh fruit, and snacks. All are completely free!

18h30 (16h30): After finishing the journey, the car and Vietnamtonkintravel guide will take you back to the hotel.

Introducing the 4-hour Lan Ha Bay cruise

Besides the tour to explore Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay tour is also a sightseeing journey that gives visitors many new experiences at sea. Most new visitors to Ha Long for the first time will want to visit Ha Long Bay at sea without knowing that Lan Ha Bay tours also have a very special impression on visitors. Lan Ha Bay not only leaves visitors with spectacular natural landscapes but also gives visitors an uplifting emotional experience about a natural place with a variety of natural landscapes and idyllic living spaces of the local people in the fishing village.

Some other famous landmarks of Lan Ha Bay that visitors should not miss


Lan Ha Bay Floating Market: Lan Ha Bay Floating Market is where people gather and trade local products for each other and in many cases, they also trade gifts for tourists.

Cua Van fishing village: With its charming and poetic beauty, Cua Van fishing village on Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba, is in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world.

Nam Cat Island: Nam Cat Island is about 15 minutes by boat from Lan Ha Bay. The island is full of wildness, serenity, and charm.

Monkey Island: Monkey Island is home to more than 20 monkeys brought by the rangers of Cat Ba National Park. Monkey Island has 2 beaches: Cat Dua 1 beach and Cat Dua 2 beach. The seawater here is extremely clear, suitable for swimming, kayaking…

Luon Cave: Luon Cave on Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba is a famous tourist destination with extremely beautiful check-in photos. Try kayaking to visit the beautiful scenery around Luon Cave, you will be satisfied. Luon Cave is known as the masterpiece on the bay.

Bai Tu Long Bay ticket prices
4 hour Lan Ha Bay ticket prices

Van Boi beach: Van Boi beach is located along the protruding part of a mountain range, where many tourists often come here to explore boating, swimming… Van Boi beach has a natural landscape. beautiful with long fine white sand beaches, clear blue sea water, and quiet and peaceful space.

Ba Trai Dao island: (on 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour) The seawater at Ba Trai Dao beach is also very clear, on sunny days you can even see the image of the bottom of this bay. The beach is quite shallow and airtight, and very safe for swimming and boating activities here. In addition to swimming here, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Ba Trai Dao island with strangely shaped cliffs located next to the beach area.

Cat Ba Islands (on 4 hour Lan Ha Bay tour) Cat Ba archipelago was formed through the history of geological development, has outstanding ecological value, and is a center of biodiversity of the world, with 3860 species of terrestrial animals and plants. and under the sea. Of these, 130 rare species have been included in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world, 76 species are on the IUCN rare list, and 21 are endemic.

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