Experience a 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour

4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour

The 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour is one of the prominent Gulf tourism trends that are increasingly popular in recent years. Along with the improvement of people’s basic quality of life and the development of local infrastructure has contributed to an increase in the demand for high-end Bay cruise experiences. Short tours such as 4 hours, 6 hours a day with affordable costs are being loved and chosen by many tourists.

Benefits of experiencing a 4-hour 5-star Bay tour in Ha Long Bay

In addition to enjoying high-class resort facilities, and discovering and watching the endless beauty of Ha Long Bay, visitors who experience the 4-hour 5-star Bay tour also receive full travel support services as well as visit famous tourist attractions on the Bay.

Experience a variety of resort facilities and choices (4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tours)

The 5-star yacht is the yacht with the highest investment in resort amenities in the tourism quality system. This year, there are a number of new yachts that have reached the 6-star level, but the 5-star facilities have very well met the resort needs of tourists for entertainment and relaxation activities. There is also an outdoor swimming pool space, fitness classes with useful complementary exercises to help improve health, a gym, and a beauty spa to help you have a great resort environment to forget all about fatigue and stress of daily work.

4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour
Ha Long Bay tours

See and discover the unique beauty of Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is a rare natural beauty in Vietnam and the world. The bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1994 and is one of the new 7 wonders of the world in 2007. Thanks to this achievement, Ha Long Bay has a strong attraction to domestic and foreign tourists. Halong Bay is not only likened to a natural reserve with a variety of flora and fauna, but it also possesses unique limestone tectonic features that are unique in the world and is a relic storing many important cultural and historical evidence of the ancestors of the ancient Viet people who lived here. Moreover, the diverse beauty of natural populations including islands, caves, beaches, and islands creates a huge natural picture and brings you impressive and attractive travel experiences. .

Receive a package of Sunrise travel support services

Another great thing that you won’t find anywhere else is Sunrise’s all-inclusive travel assistance service. Instead of having to book hotels, restaurants, motorbike rentals or buy tickets at tourist sites yourself, you will receive a full package of on-demand travel support services at Sunrise if you want. Sunrise’s travel support service has a variety of options and gives you the flexibility to adjust your choice as you like, not forcing you to follow a fixed tour like traditional tour services.

Highlights of Ha Long Bay tourist attractions

Route 1: Ha Long cruise port – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Dinh Huong – Ga Choi 4h)

Route 2: Ha Long cruise port – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Dinh Huong – Ga Choi – Sung Sot cave – Titop island (6 hours)

Route 3: Cruise port – Tam Cung – Sung Sot – Ti Top (6 hours). (6h)

Route 4: Cruise port – Me Cung – Sung Sot – Cua Van fishing village – Ba Ham Lake (8h time).

Route 5: Cruise Port – Ngoc Vung – Quan Lan (duration 2 days, one night).

4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour
5 star Halong Bay tour

Ha Long Bay 1 day tour itinerary

5-star tour to visit the Bay 1 day in the morning (a 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour)

7:30: You will be picked up by Sunrise company car directly from the departure points of the provinces around Quang Ninh and taken to the hotel booked by the company in Bai Chay.

8h10: You will be taken to Ha Long international port and check-in procedures.

9h: Cruise departs to visit places in Ha Long Bay

10h-11h: Sightseeing routes can be changed flexibly depending on the schedule: Visit famous islands such as: Ga Choi Islet, Finger Islet, and Swan Islet. Visit famous caves such as Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave.

Afternoon Halong Bay tour

11:30: Have lunch on board (Meals 6 guests/table) (a 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour)

13h: You visit Luon Cave by kayak or bamboo boat to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by yourself.

13h20: You stop at Titop beach – Where you can participate in swimming or climbing to the top of the mountain to take panoramic photos of Ha Long Bay.

14h10: You board the boat back to the port.

15h – 15h30: Cruise back to Ha Long international port.

16h00: It takes you back to the hotel, end 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour.

4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour
4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour

5-star Halong Bay tour price

The price of a 5-star tour to visit the Bay for 1 day and 6 hours from January to April is 60 USD, 4 hours 40 USD

Tour price on April 30 and May 1 is 80 USD for a 6-hour, 4-hour train 65 USD

The price of a 5-star tour to visit the Bay 1 day 6 hours from September to December is 60 USD, 4 hours 50 USD

*The price of a 4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour in 1 day varies depending on the service provided, the group of guests (small group tours will be more expensive), the type of boat to visit the bay (VIP ship, wooden boat), and transport vehicle. (limousine, regular tourist bus)

If you want to learn about4 hour 5 star Halong Bay tour, please contact Sunrise at hotline 0987 628 336 – 0838 886 816 to receive promotional information and other programs.

Sunrise is one of the leading local travel brands in providing tour ticket services for tourists in the area along with a variety of travel support services from Ha Long motorbike rental to booking service. Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, and hotel reservations in Ha Long are extremely convenient and fast.

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