3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel experience

3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel experience

Bai Chay is a famous tourist destination of Ha Long and many people are eager to learn about 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel experience. Every time tourists visit Ha Long Bay, they must visit here. Every year Bai Chay attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad and brings a large budget to the local tourism industry. If you are planning to travel to Bai Chay 3 days 2 nights, here are some suggestions for you.

About Bai Chay Ha Long

Bai Chay is a ward of Ha Long city established in 1996. Before that, this area was called Hong Gai town. During the French colonial period, Bai Chay was just a pristine coastal sandy area, a place for fishermen to travel and anchor boats there. Households have a habit of setting fire to wooden boats to maintain the durability of the boats, thus creating a smoky atmosphere in this area. It is also because of this phenomenon that people use the name Bai Chay to name this area.

3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel experience
3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel experience

There is also another folk tale that this area was also the site of a fierce battle between General Tran Khanh Du and the Mongols. After that, he lit up a large number of enemy boats, causing the whole area to burn with smoke, so our folk named this area Va Chay and it was called during the French colonial period, until the people When we gained independence, our people changed the name of Va Chay to Bai Chay.

Bai Chay has an area of more than 19km2, with a length of 6km and the widest place is 2km. The North is adjacent to Cua Luc Bay and the South is adjacent to Ha Long Bay, which is a famous tourist attraction in the country. Before 1965, this area was used by France as a naval port, after 1979, it became a town. According to a report by the City Statistics Department, 118 hotels are 1- to 5-star accommodation facilities and about 357 yachts are operating in Bai Chay. Besides tourism, mineral exploitation, particularly coal mining, is a major contributor to the general GDP of the ward. The economic growth rate of Bai Chay in particular and of Ha Long city in general is the leading focus of the whole Quang Ninh province.

Popular tourist attractions of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel

Bai Chay beach: Bai Chay beach in Quang Ninh (a popular attraction of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel) is an artificial beach with an area of 100 km2 (up to 1000m long, more than 100m wide). Every year, Bai Chay beach in Quang Ninh attracts a lot of tourists. This is also the largest beach in Ha Long and owns rows of trees along the beach that bring beautiful scenery and fresh air for visitors to relax.

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Bai Chay Bridge: The bridge (an attraction of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel) is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bai Chay, built to connect Hon Gai with Bai Chay through the mouth of Cua Luc river. The bridge length is 903m. At night, the bridge is illuminated with 7 colors creating an impressive landscape at night.

Bai Chay Night Market: Bai Chay Night Market *an attraction of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel) operates in the dark, selling exquisite handicrafts and seafood, and typical dishes of Quang Ninh. A night market is a place few tourists miss. Because coming here is not only shopping, you also feel the nightlife in Ha Long.

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Bai Chay travel experience

Bai Chay Old Quarter: Bai Chay old town in Quang Ninh (an attraction of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel) is a space to recreate and simulate the houses and architecture of Hanoi 36 streets or Hoi An. With a beautiful design, unique architecture, and walking paths, this place is a check-in place chosen by many young people.

Western Bai Chay Street (also known as the 7-color quarter, an attraction of 3 day 2 night Bai Chay travel): This neighborhood is part of a construction project. The street has impressive colors of buildings designed in the Western architectural style. Most of them are hotels in the middle of intersections with statues of famous European artists and historical figures, when you walk in it feels like you are lost in the West. It is expected that when West Street comes into operation, this place will be a bustling residential area of many international tourists and domestic people.

Experience in booking hotels in Bai Chay

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