Experience 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise 

2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise

Lan Ha Bay is located to the east of Cat Ba Island and adjacent to Ha Long Bay to the south. Lan Ha Bay covers an area of more than 7000 hectares, including a fairly unspoiled archipelago with about 400 densely large and small islands creating a huge, fanciful picture. In Lan Ha Bay, there is Cai Beo floating village, where more than 2 hundred households live in houses designed on buoys and the village has been studied by domestic and foreign archaeologists for its thousands of years of history. Experience 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise tour that promises to bring visitors a wonderful vacation at sea.

Introduction of a 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise 

Tourists often rent a boat for 3-4 hours with the schedule of Beo wharf – Cai Beo bay – visit fish rafts (if buying fish, ask carefully for the price first) or visit Ba Trai Dao island – swim, rest, relax. Thirsty at Monkey Island, then back to Beo wharf. Below is a list of famous 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruises.

2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise
2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise

Aspira Lan Ha Cruise: Based on the tastes of tourists and many years of experience, the investor has designed and built a brand new Aspira yacht with a design that harmoniously combines traditional and modern elements. The beautiful Aspira yacht stands out thanks to its elegant white-brown tones as well as its outstanding 3-story exterior, with a rooftop for sightseeing and free play. Aspira also cleverly interweaves accents such as glass windows surrounding the hull to make the most of natural light as well as provide visitors with sweeping views of the romantic Ha Long Bay.

Calyso Lan Ha Cruise Calypso Lan Ha Cruise is one of the new brands put into operation in November 2018 designed entirely of steel. The Calypso Cruise is divided into 20 luxurious and cozy rooms. The interior is decorated in classic Indochinese style with high-class woods combined with dark brown tones to create a warm space combined with wide glass doors to make the room close to nature.

Era Lan Ha Cruise: The yacht was put into operation in 2017, the ship is designed with Japanese steel with timeless durability. The rooms are fully equipped with amenities, the ship also has a cinema, a mini golf course is the unique highlight of the boat compared to other yachts of the same type. The rooms have a balcony and can enjoy the view of the Bay from the room.

2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise
Lan Ha Bay cruise

Heritage Cruise Lan Ha: Heritage Cruise is designed with 5 floors inspired by the legacy left by the king of Vietnam’s shipping industry – Bach Thai Buoi with sophisticated lines, based on art and tradition. and the culture of the North during the French colonial period (100 years ago). With a total of 20 luxurious rooms with a maximum capacity of 60 people, it is at the top of the largest yachts in Lan Ha yachts today. The rooms are designed synchronously with high-class decorative objects, creating a magnificent and sophisticated space on the yacht for Heritage Binh Chuan.

Indochine Cruises

Mon Cheri Cruise

Orchid Cruise

Paradise Grand Cruise

Sapphire Cruise

Sealife Legend Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise

2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise tour schedule

Visitors can choose 1 of 2 itineraries below:

Option 01: Visit Van Boi Fishing Village – One of the floating fishing villages of local fishermen. Located in Van Boi area, where there is a dense and airtight limestone system with strangely beautiful valleys. Coming here, visitors will experience the daily activities of local fishermen and kayak to admire the natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay in their own way. Then back to the big yacht.

Option 02: You board a speedboat to explore Viet Hai Fishing Village – An ancient fishing village located in the center of Cat Ba National Park. Arriving at Viet Hai wharf, the group received bicycles and began their leisurely journey along the unique path leading to the village. On the way, the group admires the valleys, rice fields and the majestic mountains of Cat Ba National Park. Then back to the Indochine cruise.

2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise
2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay tours

You can attend the Fruit Pruning or Roll Nem Class with the ship’s chef. During the lesson, the chef will teach you how to prune, decorate fruits, and how roll spring rolls in Vietnam. After that, the group enjoyed the products made with their own hands. 19:30 you have a luxurious dinner with dishes made from local products.

You can also participate in evening entertainment activities on board such as watching movies at the restaurant, playing cards, seahorses, dominoes, and massage services.

DAY 02 Lan Ha Bay – HANOI (Meals: Breakfast + Lunch) of 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise

06:00 Delegation to get up early to see the rising dawn with the fresh air of 08:00 Continue the journey, the cruise takes passengers to the Bat Cave area, also known as Sang, Toi Cave, which is known as The most pristine and beautiful Lan Ha Bay. Transfer to a bamboo boat to visit this area. Coming here, you will be amazed at the beauty of nature when passing through the morning-evening cave system and the beautiful valleys. 

08h45, the group returned to the big yacht, end 2 day 1 night Lan Ha Bay cruise

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