2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience 

2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience

Bai Chay is geographically located near Ha Long Bay and with the city’s increased tourism investment in recent years, it is also a popular tourist destination for many tourists. If you need for a 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience, here is some information for you to refer to.

Choose 2 day 1 night Bai Chay tour

There are more options for Bai Chay tours 2 days 1 night than what tourists may know today. Most tourists want to join a cruise tour to visit Ha Long Bay at sea. Fewer travelers just want to spend their time on land. The shortest timetable for a cruise on the Bay is from 4 hours, which means that it will take at least half a day for visitors to have an interesting cruise tour and at least half a day for check-in and check-out procedures as well as 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience and return to the originally scheduled departure.

2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel experience
2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel

The remaining time is about 1 day and 1 night to spend on activities to explore Bai Chay, which is not a lot, but it also helps visitors understand more about the beautiful coastal city near the Bay.

Some outstanding Bai Chay tourist sites

Famous tourist attractions in Bai Chay that you should not miss include Sun World amusement park, Sun Wheel cable car amusement park, Bai Chay beach, the lighthouse, Bai Chay old town.

Sun World amusement park of 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel: The largest entertainment complex in the country, Dragon park, a water park, with many different types of games. Sun World amusement park, also known as Sun World Park is located in the center. Bai Chay tourism, Ha Long City (Quang Ninh) right next to the famous Ha Long Bay area. This is a large amusement park of 214ha, the complex is divided into 3 areas: Dragon Park, Ba Deo amusement park, and Queen cable car.

Sun Wheel cable car entertainment area: take the Queen cable car with a cabin as big as a double-decker bus with a capacity of 230 people 1 turn, and you will enjoy the view of the bay at night and will go to the world’s highest sun wheel in the world, explore Ba Deo amusement park.

Attractive 3 star Halong Bay tours
Bai Chay travel experience

Typhoon Water Park: Typhoon Water Park has an area of ​​20ha, including 12 extremely attractive water games. Here is an adventurous water play area for active lovers, a children’s play area for lighter games, and a play area for the whole family to join.

The games that you can participate in are tropical storms, tornadoes, dragon riding, giant lightning, and python challenge… These are all high-risk games for people. Love to explore and experience. According to many visitors, the games here are very new, unprecedented, and unique and bring a very refreshing feeling. You can also choose the types of games with a lighter level of strength if you are just playing high-impact games for the first time, you may be easily shocked.

Besides attractive games, Typhoon Water Park also has a restaurant that offers a variety of dishes such as Pizza Cove or Long’s Pool Bar. If you like to experience barbecue, then visiting Typhoon Grill is also very good.

Dragon Park: Dragon Park of 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel is an exciting world with 20 games from simple to adventurous, unique, and unique. This is an area where many young people love and have fun. Here, you can try following the footsteps of dragons, pirate ships or rage rhinos. There are also games for children that are quite interesting such as magic umbrella, reptile legion, flying lizard, magic cup, and childhood car ride… These games are more suitable for the little ones but are very fun. The whole family can join to increase solidarity.

Ba Deo amusement park: The design of this area is similar to Japanese architecture, and consists of 3 areas: a Japanese garden, a mysterious castle and Sun Wheel. In addition, this area is also famous for the Queen’s cable car. The most prominent in this amusement park is the Sun Wheel system and the Queen cable car.

The Sun Wheel is 215m high, an ideal height to see the entire Ha Long landscape. If you go to the cabin in the evening, you will see the scenery shimmering with lights and twinkling stars. Sun Wheel has 64 cabins, can accommodate 384 guests, so you can go with your friends and enjoy the romantic scene together. In addition, from the cabin of the Sun Wheel, you can also attach the queen cable car, the tidal island cable car that makes the whole of Asia admire. The Queen’s Cable Car has been recorded in the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude in the world.

Ha Long tour
Bay Chay Beach

Bai Chay beach: An artificial beach with extremely wide white sand, stretching 4.5km, suitable for team building activities, and taking photos to check-in.

Lighthouse: a must-see check-in place for young people when going to the beach in Bai Chay

Bai Chay Old Town: Modeled after Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi’s old town, it is a favorite check-in point for young people, with many eating and drinking activities, very bustling in the evening.

Ha Long Night Market: Evening shopping and sightseeing activities for 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel

Some schedules for 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel

In the morning: You choose to visit the amusement park or the Sun Wheel cable area, and at the same time stop by the ancient area of Bai Chay to enjoy lunch or check in and take pictures.

Afternoon: You visit some spiritual tourist sites or visit cafes to enjoy the space of the city

Evening: you visit the night market in 2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel to learn the customs and cultural habits of the local people.

2 day 1 night Bai Chay travel at Sunrise

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