What do you know about 1 day popular Halong Bay tours?

1 day popular Halong Bay tours

1 day popular Halong Bay tours are receiving the attention of many tourists. High-class tours with full facilities and diverse travel experience services from 3 stars are being chosen by many tourists. To assist in answering customer questions about this 1 day Ha Long tour service, you can follow up more in the article below.

1 day 3 star Halong Bay cruises- 1 day popular Halong Bay tours

Halong Bay 1-day 3-star tours in Sunrise are quite diverse, with many different cruise lines. The price of day tours will be 1 to 2 million lower than night cruises. The tour schedule at each cruise line is also flexible based on the interests and desires of each visitor.

Schedule to visit Thien Cung Cave – a fishing village

Schedule of 1 day popular Halong Bay tours when customers choose to visit Thien Cung cave and fishing village:

9:30: The boat moves to the fishing village area.

You are free to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay by kayak or small bamboo boat of local people (own expense for kayak or bamboo boat) and save yourself the best pictures.

1 day popular Halong Bay tours
1 day popular Halong Bay tours

10:00: The train takes the group to visit Thien Cung cave.

This is one of the most beautiful and largest caves in Ha Long Bay, which is recognized as a world natural heritage, where beautiful scenery is compared to the palace of the heavens.

You are free to admire the huge natural picture with a diverse and unique stalactite system that makes viewers feel lost in the fairy world.

11h00: Boat takes tourists to visit Ba Hang fishing village.

The fishing village has a long tradition in Ha Long Bay. Visitors can visit and experience real life with the fishermen of the fishing village.

12:30: Cruise docked at Tuan Chau harbor, prepare your luggage to board the car to return to Hanoi

Itinerary to visit Surprise Cave – Titop Island – Luon Cave

Lan Ha Bay fast tour

9h30: After lunch, the boat docks, you go to visit Sung Sot Cave – one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay.

The group is free to admire the stalactite system and listen to an introduction about the history of formation and development of the cave and stalactite system here.

10h30: The boat continues to move to the Titop island area, you are free to swim or trek to the top of Titop mountain to admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above.

12h20: You continue the journey to discover Luon Cave. Experience a game of kayaking or sit on a bamboo boat rowed by locals to explore Luon cave (kayak or bamboo boat at your own expense).

13h00: Return to the ship, and depart for Tuan Chau harbor. The group is free to admire the bay, sunbathe on the deck, listen to relaxing music, and immerse themselves like Ha Long Bay before the ship docks.

13h45: Arriving at Tuan Chau wharf, you get on the bus to depart back to Hanoi.

List of 3-star yachts- 1-day popular Halong Bay tours

Dragon Gold Halong Cruise: priced from 2.1 million VND

Golden Lotus Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.3 million VND

Imperial Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.4 million VND

L’Amour Junk Ha Long Love Cruise is priced from 10.3 million VND

Oriental Sails Ha Long costs 2.4 million VND

Swan Cruise Lan Ha Bay costs 2.7 million.

Bay tour 1 day 4 stars


The itinerary of a 1-day 4-star Halong Bay tour takes you to visit famous places 

Ha Long Hoanh Bo tour
Popular Halong Bay tours

10:30: Delegation to Tuan Chau International Cruise Port, tour guide boarding procedures to start the journey. Enjoy the poetic, lyrical landscape of Vinh Ha Long.

11h00: Continue the journey of 1 day popular Halong Bay tours to the most unique and beautiful sights of Ha Long Bay, a World Natural Heritage site with 2 times recognized by UNESCO, along with unique attractions on the Bay such as Stone Dog Island, Lu Huong, and thousands of stone islands with many different shapes.

You come to Ba Hang area, a famous tourist attraction with a picturesque cave system, associated with the story of a fishing village that used to be here, the oldest fishing village on Ha Long Bay. .

11:30: The cruise continues its journey to the island known as the symbol of Ha Long Bay – Ga Choi Islet – Here the yacht will anchor in the area of the fighting cock island, and the group is free to rest and admire the scenery. Guests can create for their journey special photos of the vast ocean.

12h30: Have a lunch buffet with 30 fresh and attractive dishes.

13h30: The cruise continues the journey to bring the group to visit the most beautiful cave system on Ha Long Bay (Surprise Cave). One of the most beautiful and famous caves in Ha Long.

14h30: The group leaves Sung Sot Cave, after taking beautiful pictures inside the cave, to come to a place to visit with a very unique experience of Ha Long Bay – Luon Cave attraction. Here, the local people will serve you with the traditional means of the people

Van Don tourist area
Halong Bay tours in Sunrise


If you like to experience the feeling of sailing for yourself, Kayak will be a great choice to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and clear blue water of Ha Long Bay.

15h30: Cruise continues with you to visit Titop island – the island named after the Soviet space hero – Gherman Titov named by President Ho Chi Minh in 1962. Here you will be immersed in the clear water and the emerald green of Ha Long Bay or hike to the top of the mountain to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of HaLong Bay from above.

16h45: You return to the yacht, and depart for the port. A sweet afternoon tea with cakes and fruits will be served to you on the journey back to the wharf.

18h00: You arrive at the port, and the car picks you up to Hanoi.

List of 4-star yachts- 1 day popular Halong Bay tours

Sapphire Halong Cruise: priced from 2.7 million VND

Paloma Halong Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Swan Boutique Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.7 million VND

Glory Legend Halong Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Silver Halong Cruise costs 2.7 million VND

Lan Ha Bay Calypso Cruise costs 3.2 million.

Bay tour 1 day 5 stars

List of 5-star yachts- 1 day popular Halong Bay tours

Aspira Ha Long Cruise: priced from 2.9 million VND

Sealife Legend Cruise costs from 2.9 million VND

Scarlet Pearl Lan Ha Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Margaret Ha Long Cruise costs from 2.6 million VND

Heritage Cruise costs 4 million VND

Scarlet Pearl Cruise is priced from 3.3 million VND

Mon Cheri yacht 3.5 million VND

Paradise Cruise 3.8 million VND

Stellar of the Sea yacht priced from 4.3 million VND

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise costs from 3.1 million VND

Era Lan Ha Cruise 2.6 million VND

Indochine yacht priced from 3.55 million VND

Ha Long Pelican Cruise costs from 3.2 million VND

Book Halong Bay 1 day tour at Sunrise

If you want to learn about 1 day popular Halong Bay tours, please contact Sunrise at hotline 0987 628 336 – 0838 886 816 to receive promotional information and preferential programs from the company. . 

Sunrise is one of the leading local travel brands in providing tour ticket services for tourists in the area along with a variety of travel support services from Ha Long motorbike rental to booking service. Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay, and hotel reservations in Ha Long are extremely convenient and fast.


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